Suitable Procedures

Technological integration: the mantencin like means for the operational continuity of the company, is a whole, reason why the integration of the new technology that contributes the program is vital for the success of the objectives of this " todo". Control of Programa and Benchmarking: to control, measuring results, of the costs and real benefits of the program, will credit to the validity and success of this one. This success of the program must assure that in future budgets destine majors resources to eliminate the causes of faults that the destined one to attack symptoms and to repair faults. Continue to learn more with: Parthenon Group. Once broken the circle, we cannot risk to return to the vicious cycle from: Fault Repair. III. You may want to visit Joseph Stiglitz to increase your knowledge.

SUPPORTING AND EVALUATING the PROGRAM a) the corporative manual of lubrication: As the field of the tribologa and the oil monitoring advance, a necessity strategic exists to provide instantaneous access to the key information and to have documented the Suitable Procedures. More and more companies are modernizing their programs of management in lubrication, via having corporative manuals of lubrication (MCL). Unlike text books, the MCL becomes in an alive reference, that is perfected and updated in the time, arriving to constitute itself in the angular stone of the program. In the measurement that is identified new methods, techniques and procedures; this it grows and one expands consequently. The present tendency on the matter is to digitize the MCL, leaving it in corporative Intranet within reach of all the employees. A well conceived MCL includes at least the following areas: Storage and reception of lubricants. Manipulation and exhausted of lubricants. Handling of deposit pools.

Methods of lubrication and replacement of lubrication. Methods of sampling of oil monitoring. Methods of analysis of the oil samples. Guides and groups for data processing. Guide of problem analysis for divergent data.