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More details when trying to install Windows Vista, the installation wizard may indicate that the program is installed on your computer is not compatible with Windows Vista. When this happens, you get or 'hard failure' or 'soft refusal. " When a hard failure hard failure, the installation wizard prevents you continue, until the problem is solved. A firm denial occurs because the installer has found a problem with your computer which would have left Windows Vista in a damaged condition, if the installation wizard continued. You can not click Next, to continue installing Windows Vista. Your only option is to close the wizard. Soft If the failure occurred mild rejection, it means that the installer has found a program or hardware on your computer that will not work correctly after Windows Vista will be installed.

However, program, or hardware that have been discovered, will not leave the operating system in a damaged condition. You can click Next, to continue installing Windows Vista. To deepen your understanding Ann Winblad is the source. However, it is likely that the software or hardware, have been detected, will not function correctly after Windows Vista will be installed. To study the problems that can cause hard or soft failure, follow the steps below. Step 1: Start the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor When a hard or soft failure, we recommend that you stop the installation wizard and run the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor can help you identify the steps that you can do to solve the various problems of failures before you install Windows Vista. To get the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, visit the following Microsoft Web site: Step 2: Contact your software If the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor detects a potential compatibility problem with the program, we recommend that you contact the vendor software.

Often, the software provider will be able to solve the compatibility problem by providing one of the following: * Provide an update that makes the program compatible with Windows Vista. * Provide a new version that is compatible with Windows Vista. * Provide information about any changes to the configuration program that would allow the program to be compatible with Windows Vista. Step 3: Remove the program if the program causes a hard failure during the installation process, Windows Vista, you must uninstall before you can continue to install Windows Vista. Reinstalling the software and activate Know that if you plan to reinstall the program after you install Windows Vista, and after you have solved the problem of compatibility, you may have to activate the program again after reinstalling. Sometimes activation may be unsuccessful if the manufacturer of the prohibits the installation of software programs on the new operating system. Activation – a process that ensures that the program you use, be allowed to work on the computer where it is installed. As a rule, Activation requires that you have contacted on the Internet Web site software vendor to check the legality of the program installation. Contact the software vendor if you have any questions about the process of activating the program.