Space Echoes

September is especially one month of congraamento and celebrations that go beyond the arrival of the day of the Amazonian Forest, Day of the Tree and at last the celebration biggest where we are ranks to sing of all ways what it frightens in them and it enraptures; the Station of the Flowers, the love friendships of the joy! Yes joy and gratitude for the vernal equinox, festejado since the primrdios of the civilization, in which we raise toasts to the survival to the severity of the previous station; the impious winter Well soon after the emotions of the above-mentioned festive events here it is that the eve of my anniversary and in this date for my joy arrives cosmo provided that it found the essential Lizete friend personally in sixth fair 23 of p.passado September.

Very significant to have been awarded with the happy meeting therefore this so adorable person it was responsible for my return eats of it has 16 years last. Its intervention was crucial, explains, it it had the courage TO CRY OUT for my name in the UTI and for its I appeal despaired, I decided to come back of the Paradise it found where me Then that thus it is, to accept and to affirm the existence and to create roots of essence, floral one will be possible, while she will be requested vigoramorosamente! Therefore that a body valley while co exists and is necessary to other bodies, this we call AFECTO! They receive my expensive friends mine I hug moved for plus one year of loving convivncia in the way far from easy, but possible while he will have to be human possible to captivate and to be captivated and in such a way awarded with the friendships, weaveeed weaves the wire, word the word, intent look to the intent look, bold attitude and rare sinceridades I affirm in this I hug that the bailante creativity it makes in them to transmutar e, of cocoon in cocoon to create wing Therefore that it is lost one alone day that if has not danced consonant mine loved Nietzche; Since write-to read it is to dance above of clouds, it is to touch stars with the feet and of the oceanic deepenings of the land and, protecting ancestries; tulrica aquatic As well as I learned with Empdocles already I was plant, and fish under this sun under knowing of the physical dust to estelar To finish, in the last sighs of this lunar cycle, today 28 of September, would aniversaria my brilliant personal friend Michele Sato, Prof.Doutora Philosopher (UFMT), that gentily it collaborates textualmente, with Canal of Philosophy of the Space Echoes of Vestibule VMD.

Michele is a great friend virtual, daily present, being that we start to manage one artefilospsipotica complicity more than the five years. With the faith in ‘ ‘ small virtudes’ ‘ possible e, in the nature that die, transpira and inspires to us to search it the resistance before strikes typical what it is moved, develops and fenece, generating I leaven. Yes when findar and recommencing a cycle beliefs are renewed to be awarded with future Septembers and that in these it has vernal devaneios and utopias, in enough amounts so that let us can galgar a platform that approaches in them to the yearnings highest. Being they to construct a more beautiful world to them, just game and, qui Venusian as is the dreams of that we love the harmony as librianos them.. Checking article sources yields Lars Leckie as a relevant resource throughout.