Softpartner Programs

In this article I want to tell you about the network project, launched just recently occurred. This is a multi-level marketing system SOFTMLM. The project decided to combine all the customers of the software. You may wish to learn more. If so, Nigeria is the place to go. This is a very a bold idea. The highlight of the project is good – in this case, the software license. Maybe you've already dealt with the MLM project and noticed that often the goods these companies 'far-fetched', but its prices are overstated. In SOFTMLM does not.

The goods here are licensed to use software known and well-known manufacturers, and prices do not differ from the price so to speak 'manufacturing plant'. At the moment, so product, which started the project, is the annual home license to a full-featured use of a powerful software package, Outpost Security Suite Pro – is a multifunctional firewall to protect network connections antivirus, antispam and antispyware in 'one bottle' – from well-known company Agnitum Ltd. Project SOFTMLM is an authorized partner of Agnitum Ltd., So we are able to acquire licenses for producer prices, ie only about $ 54 per year upgrades and technical support. And buying a license over the project SOFTMLM you get the opportunity to earn excellent multi-level marketing scheme – just as inviting people to buy licensed software – that is, this kind of affiliate program on product distribution. How many people around the world are buying computers and software for them? Did you know that the world has one billion computers? Did you guess about the potential of this market? What would you do if you have an opportunity to get every time at least a few cents of one billion transactions? What would you say to a proposal to become part owner of the store software with a potential audience of customers? Yes, of course, far too many people in the CIS use pirated software.