Social Communication

For the Brazilian Army, the military in the current patterns, democratic and representative service, answers to the challenges taxes for the national reality, allowing the Country to make use of a system of defense adequately dimensionado. Inserted to the Armed Forces the sector of Social Communication constituting a set of activities developed with intention to influence the public opinion, searching to become favorable the image of the institution and to guarantee its acceptance for the society. It understands the public activities of the press assessorships, relations and advertising. Professor of Economics may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It has of if standing out that innumerable projects exist that the Armed Forces, make so that the interaction and reciprocity are carried through in partnership with the society, having aimed at to know. Beyond the correction of attitudes of each one of the components of the Armed Forces and of irreproachable behavior of the organizations, must be had in mind that, in accordance with the attributed mission, with the national strategy and the promptitude reached for its fulfilment, results the vision that the Armed Forces makes of proper itself and that, for all the effect, must consist in the basic image to be spread out.

In full it was of the mass communication, the media comes being, in all the societies, the great formadora of opinion. Every day the people are bombed by massive amounts of information, produced in real time, mainly for the television, that mold or premake use the public opinion. Most of the people starts the day seeing, hearing or reading notice. What the public thinks depends on what it hears; the medias of mass are ‘ ‘ net of inteligncia’ ‘ of the citizen. One becomes necessary, therefore, to develop a minimum of ability in the treatment with these ways, in order to guarantee that the messages of interest of the Institution even arrive the public.