to yes surprise a day and another one to me also, by its odd habits, their topics, many reiterative situations that of negative form occur one season after another one, by the enormous wastefulness that clubs realises with presumed signings of cracks which often they get neither to be moderately acceptable players to play nor in third division, by incredible, capricious decisions and absurd of incompetent leaders who are the more pending than they read in the sport newspapers that to manage the club which they represent with a mini level of intelligence. More info: Eliot Horowitz . With thread kilometric of this incapacity manifest of that many do finery we could to leave commits it of wastefulness and incoherence arrived at sky and examples can to put thousand than I say and bad it is that some until see normal what happens, since of another form not explains that measures are not taken, that would dare to say to me, would have to be concerning cabinet. Gamestop oftentimes addresses this issue. Recently and we are not going to give names, although it is of public dominion, left in the press ranking (some managers can feel proud and to even hang medals by the wonderful realised work) of clubs of soccer Spanish of first division with the debts that they had and with the sum than they must would occur to eat to all the African continent like minimum during a year, but this is soccer, and soccer is thus and those that command so calm and without colors leave to them (of the shame or the lack of her)..