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Thus being, we decide to search and we finish for discovering that the formicida meaning also is changeable. Before it meant, ‘ ‘ thick modo’ ‘ , poison to eliminate ants and, one of its disadvantages was the contamination of the ground and subsoil, including the underground water. Now it can be understood as a medicine that affects exclusively the ants, leaving the environment without bigger problems, as the contamination, for example. In this conjuncture, through the research we discover that to reach success in this taken over on a contract basis, we needed to manufacture an ecological formicida that, according to Brazil Panorama (2002), needs to follow the following steps: to make the medicine it is enough to macerate some ants together with equal alcohol parts 70%, glycerin and water. The more diluted the product, more effective it becomes. Of this skill, already we obtain sufficiently to diminish the number of these ants and inside of plus some days, already we will be able to initiate the aventada revegetao. 4. CONCLUSIVE NOTES In this text we approach a research action that we carry through in the State School of Average Education Elza Teacher Maria Correa Dantas, in Are Domingos of the Araguaia, Par.

We carry through a description of the research and an analysis of the reached results. Thus, to reach the waited results, we develop an activity where we had of mobilizing in them emotionally and corporally. In this manner, we create strategies in the direction of the activity, where the involved citizens had mobilized the personal and collective available knowledge, internal and external, occurring to the learning. Therefore, so that this was possible some meanings and concepts had had that to be modified, therefore in our understanding, them they are changeable in the time and in space, between different and even though similar social groups.