Russians Holidays

Whatever the scope nor was the soul of Russian, but the figures are grim statistics tell us that the gifts for no reason is not peculiar to our Slavic brethren. Immediately, we note that the same "excuse" to find is not so difficult. Name Day, New Year's Day, Angel, Defender of the Fatherland Day, Valentine's Day, etc. – is only the most common and widely accepted holidays, when friends, relatives, colleagues must be gifted. If, however, dig deeper and look into the personal lives of each of us can find a lot of reasons to give a present that the man in the street and make them very difficult. Here are just a few examples: "By the day when you become an adult "(hmm every measurement" maturity "has its own, is not it?)," On the day of the first kiss "," In honor of the three weeks of our relationship "(bravo! Appreciate you need every day of happiness from the love of sensations and emotions, hence, each rad day with his half can declare a holiday) The early years – a period of intense communication, socialization, and a gift, no doubt, serves to strengthen them and to confirm. So that "spontaneous" presents no special reasons are typical for the most part to young people. Enumerate the "artificial" reasons can be a long time. Yes, strict and practical English to Russian in terms of fantasy on occasions to present a gift is so far away that "From the mudflow can not see!" Nevertheless, referring to the statistics, we list the five most popular among Russians Holidays: Birthday, New Year, the eighth of March, marriage and childbirth.