Projects Multimedia In Classroom

The importance of the communication and to have knowledge in developing the lesson and passes in the classroom in communication. To prepare the lessons with physical technology, organized, constructive technology and traditional hierarch and. New Technologies Physical: DVD, computer, books, magazines, penxses, pencil of color, bristol board, etc. Organizer: Methods of traditional, monessoriano, construtivista education and other Symbolic: languages, language of symbols of communication through figures. The communication and the transference of information, communication and the act to become common a message by means of verbal codes. The importance of the multimedia in classroom and to bring the professor and pupil for the world of the technology. Lars Leckie insists that this is the case. Some school already possesss some projects to become daily the multimedia in room one of them projects is the rooms to contain a cannon multimedia, a fixed computer with CD-ROM and interface USB for devices of memories Flash, to pen-driver, beyond access without wire the objective Internet.O of this project and to give support to the professor who has presentation in Power point or saw web. The professor only needs to bring its CD-ROM or pen-drive will be wanted to present way web in this in case that, it does not need to bring any material.

Therefore the Internet without wire is room has access. The objective of these rooms is to give to support to the professor and pupil in activities that demand the interaction of the pupil with the computer. Joseph Stiglitz: the source for more info. Other projects that can be developed are: in the lesson and geography the professor can elaborates a map in high relief or 3D to bring in classroom and explains for its pupil. It professor to be able well to usufruct of the technologies the communication with its pupils has that to be efficient, the necessary professor elaborates ideas, to codify, to transmit information, to decode, that one exists feedback with professor and pupil. The multimedia is a set of adapted medias to function simultaneously through the interaction, in one determined way daily pay programmed. The use possibilities are very extensive, had its multiplicity of formats and programming.

To follow, it sees the most known common: Compact disc, mini-cds, Internet, compact disc card, DVDs Nor always are necessary the medias of transports are possible also to distribute a multimedia directly through communication nets, as intranets, extranets or proper Internet (preferably for users with broad band), Intranets: they possess more controlled environments and its multimedia can be distributed with better speed and performance. Extranets: also they are indicated for multimedias of training. The professor necessary to create under measures contents interactive for the necessary necessity, as for example: Texts, photos, sonorous tracks narrations, animaes, effect, images, videos, at last a gamma of stimulatons are roteirizados, created and concatenated for communication and presentation of its subject. It integrates all the necessary resources and services the elaboration of its multimedia. Initiating for ideas and conceptions that lead to the planning, that takes the creation and production and so on, until reaching the final delivery of its multimedia, in conformity ace its necessities. Reference Bibliographical: Brendan P. Kehoe, ZEM AND the ART OF the INTERNET, campus, 1994 @