Project Manager

The syscovery savvy suite works at the same time as asset management solution. Already while the application is deployed, it is captured and assigned to a cost center. The integrated business intelligence solution informs decision makers about the respective order operations, but also to the deployed applications. These categorizations are possible such as by cost center or business processes and thus offer a better overview in the decision-making process. The new solution meets SOX – and data – protection requirements. Only authorized data controller can assign permissions specifically described. Each employee must uniquely identify itself on the basis of the authorization system, to take its rights to claim. Permissioning is regularly checks and ensures that only authorized persons can enjoy the appropriate access rights.

The existing rights be deprived of unauthorized or inactive users. No longer used in phrases or have employees leave the company, additions were deleted so far manually. This is now done automatically. The needs-based allocation of accounts reduce the demand and therefore the costs. During the initial recording of appli cations and their approaches, already several thousand additions could be deleted. Depending on the applications, reductions up to 63% were possible. Regular inventory checks get in the ongoing process of cost savings. T a user-friendly tool realised with the comprehensive capabilities of syscovery savvy Suite-systems.

Using the syscovery savvy suite at T-systems on the one hand, we can keep the policy and request the information security and can form the basis of an efficient allocation of the license on the other hand”, so Alexander Kakande, responsible Project Manager at T-systems. Currently, employees of T-systems in Germany can order up to 77 applications. In total, 120,000 accounts should be established here. More than 5000 proposed put and 50 so-called Fachgenehmiger can check these access permissions in the workflow and release. This held 400 transactions per week on average.