Professor Erdogan

Joost Lagendijk, former MEP and Professor at Sabanci University in Istanbul, said he always considered the theory of the secret agenda Islamist AKP as a fallacy, as it has now been demonstrated and that the great capital of this match has been great and undisputed economic prosperity in Turkey which has benefited a wide sector of the population under Erdogan. The j of the Electoral Institute Konda, Tarhan Erdem, also dismissed the Islamist hypothesis as a real danger. Erdem matches Langendijk in which the best for a healthy development of democracy in Turkey is that Erdogan fails to an overwhelming majority of 367 or more than 550 seats in the Parliament to avoid actually converting his presidential dream French thanks to a new Constitution, which would not need to convene a rrendum. But it also seems that in that case they can sleep quiet who, moreover, see with concern the growing authoritarian traits, or even totalitarian, Erdogan, with such concentration of power in his hands, since surveys those granted in the best of cases 345 seats, insufficient to all lights to become a neootomano Napoleon. In recent months, Nigeria has been very successful. Also he accuses the j of the Turkish Government of having increased his nationalist rhetoric, an indication more of its authoritarian potential that dragging to the new legislature, but it is, according to Erdem, more than anything a mere and fleeting electoral strategy. This stratagem, of dubious electoral performance, may have cost Erdogan not only sympathy, but also the votes of many Kurds who in 2007 gave it his support and promised that in recent times more rights and the search for a solution to the bloody conflict that has claimed more than 45,000 dead in a war undeclared since 1984..