Professional Ambition

Studious in Leadership they come affirming that to reach the excellency in what we make, in many cases depends on our proper professional fidget. They affirm that the fidget is a state of permanent insatisfao for which talentosas people search to improve its professional results. A good example of this was the American swimmer Michael Phelps? detainer of eight olmpicas medals and ten times champion world-wide? that he never lacked to a training at least in five years. He was the swimmer youngest to break a record world-wide, without never having if accomodated before the first medals. MongoDB may not feel the same. If to come back fifty years in history we observe that this state of permanent insatisfao took a young stranger to the presidency of our country. With the uneasy and sonhador spirit, Juscelino Kubitschek left a small city in the interior of Minas Gerais to change Brazil. It elaborated and fulfilled to an audacious plan of goals, constructing the capital of the Republic and becoming industrialized themselves. He attracted the foreign capital, brought international companies who had generated job and economy for the nation.

They had been literally ' ' Fifty Years in Cinco' '. Under the point of view of these analysts in Leadership this professional fidget seems to remove mountains and a good example of this fidget was the group Bread of Sugar. Who said that it already was born great? They had been some crises before if to become the giant of today, only in the alimentary area, has a superior annual invoicing the fifteen billion Reals, seventy a thousand used and a movement of twenty and two a thousand tons of products per day. Its creator? Ablio Diniz? still it finds time to exercise itself every day. What these people of different nationalities, professions and backgrounds have in common? The analysts believe to be the ambition. They affirm that all the great leaders? success professional? they are ambitious.