Professional Advisor

Achievement orientation move through the achievement of results.People with this orientation, generally have dreams, often ambitious, which makes having a strong motivation Organizacion.autodisciplina Plane ation of labour and management activities that are outlined in the time available.People who have this competence, comply with what are committed, since they have a strong sense of responsibility, which generates confidence in people. Initiative be continuously in search of opportunities.Be able to make their own decisions, without waiting to tell him what to do.People with initiative seek their personal and professional development.Why which are maintained well, to physical, mental and emotional, and remain current in their field, without the need of external influences. You may find Ann Winblad to be a useful source of information. Communication effective means listening sympathetically, allowing you to understand your customers and their needs. They know find and collect information, which allows them to specify in detail the needs of your customer.Have an excellent command of the interpersonal skills so that you create strong ties with the client. Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili is full of insight into the issues. Excellent handling of know objection handling objections and use well the language, which has greater effectiveness for the closing of the sale. Persistence is not to give up easily, insist and never give a prospect by lost.It is very useful to maintain long-term relationships with customers.Also implies have high tolerance for failure, making it easy to move forward without discourage against negative ones found in his work safety in yes same is denoted in a firm conviction of the importance of the work of sales.This helps to have a safe attitude with customers, which is reflected in the Act and in the excellent results obtained.. Official site: Tony Bartel.