Pro Sky Gives Aviation Excellence Award

650 bottles of wine and champagne for an ‘ Africa cruise ‘ with the plane Cologne, January 25, 2011. Cruise ships dock in the most beautiful ports. But how is it with exotic beads in the Interior of the country? A clear case for cross flights. This luxury travel by plane to enjoy increasing popularity. The airline Omni Aviation now received the prestigious Pro Sky Aviation Excellence Award for an extraordinary tour through Africa. 650 bottles of wine in the trunk: behind the scenes, Omni had transferred aviation mountains, to give the guests a pleasant travel experience. Dire Dawa in Ethiopia, Lilongwe in Malawi or Mopti in Mali: the route reads like the expedition diary of a GlobeTrotter.

For 43 guests from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland, these places had exactly the right sound to check in for an unusual journey: a cross flight over Africa. 17 days, they traveled with a specially chartered aircraft across the continent. Our guests require, such as on a luxury cruise ship “also at exotic destinations the best service”, explains Stefan Buschle airline Omni Aviation challenge. Behind the scenes mountains were transferred therefore trips around the world, a renowned German cross flight specialists, to the wishes of the operator Consul to meet. So the crew in Vienna took for example 650 bottles of wine and champagne on board and a Cook conjured up on the way sophisticated menus.

On this trip, spells”was quite the appropriate term. Because remote African airports lack special catering kitchens, the crew namely cooked the dishes in the hotel kitchens themselves. Packed in trolleys, let her drive the food to the plane, to provide it in the machine for the next leg. On the destinations experienced a feeling at home in Europe”the guests of Africa with its many facets and aboard, Buschle summarizes the service concept. The modified Airbus A319 offered just the right ambience for the high-quality cross flight. There where in comparable aircraft up to 140 passengers travel, guests can relax here in just 48 luxurious business-class seats. The right choice for our well-heeled passengers aged between 60 and 80 years”, so Stefan Buschle. So much effort was now rewarded with the prestigious Pro Sky Aviation Excellence Award. We give an award to every year at an airline, where staff demonstrated outstanding flexibility and exceptional commitment to implement the wishes of their customers in a group tour”, explains Armin Truger, Executive Director of Pro sky. The competition was great for Omni Aviation. With in the race was for example the British Titan Airways, a James Blunt concert was organized during a flight and it holds an entry in the Guinness Book of records. Or the airline Jet2, which had provided for a TV-hypnosis show an aircraft so that it could start with 150 actors and hidden cameras on board a flight. The award was presented during the Pro sky Airliner Conference on January 13th in Cologne. This professional forum airlines from all over Europe meet, to replace with groups on the subject of individual flights. Special feature: The participating aviation experts even vote on the submitted projects and identify as the winner. Pro sky: Pro sky is the reliable partner for tailor-made fly and advertising in the aviation environment. The portfolio of services includes aircraft Charter, line tickets for groups, corporate jets, airport & inflight services and media solutions. At the time, Pro sky is represented with offices in Cologne, Paris and Sao Paulo.