Nevertheless, these foods do not have all the same times of baking. If we placed all together one in the frying pan for when the eggplant the meat is ready probably already she is too dry. It is why he is recommendable to know the times baking and to introduce them in the frying pan to skip them in sequence, placing first those that delay more and in the end those that only need a pair of minutes. This requires experience, but it will help to maintain flavorful and colorful plates.

Error 2: Not to have sufficient temperature One of the strongest characteristics of the skipped one is that it serves to seal foods. Meaning that in the surface of them a chemical reaction will be caused that will close the pores having caused that the liquids are inside. This brings like result eaten with attractive colors, a slight tone golden by and outside substantial on the inside. Nevertheless, so that this seal exists is necessary that the frying pan and the greasy matter are to high temperature. Otherwise, the food will absorb the matter greasy (oil or butter) and will not cook appropriately. In order to avoid this error he is recommendable to prove the temperature of the greasy matter before overturning all the foods. For that, only one piece can turn upside down (a onion small piece, for example).

Error 3: To place too many elements In many occasions it is necessary to cook great amounts of food and, to save time, we placed all together one in the frying pan. The problem to do this is that when receiving from blow so many foods to room temperature or to temperature of refrigerator the heat of the frying pan is even lost, causing that nothing cooks as it must and in addition delays time much more. A solution to this problem is to cook in lots or turns, or to use more than a frying pan in at the same time different hornallas. Error 4: Not to dry vegetables appropriately Due to the great amount of pesticides and other chemicals with which it cultivates nowadays, is necessary to wash all the vegetables before using them in a prescription. Nevertheless, it is not sufficient just by to wash them: also he is key that is droughts well, without water signs. Otherwise, when overturning them in the frying pan the water will boil and cause steam, which will not give like result dry and golden skipping. This error can be avoided drying vegetables with sheets of paper of kitchen or using a centrifugal machine.