Relembrando the concept of Income: the financial entrances of financial resources proceeding from wages, retirement, applications, rents, donations received or other sources from resources are all. In such a way, it makes a survey realist of all its prescription sources, that can include: – Wage; – Retirement; – Incomes of financial applications (sales of action, income of the saving or other applications); – Rents; – Sales of good or income received for the accomplishment of an extra work; – Donations received in the month, including received amounts. You to make possible the use of all the functionalities of this panel you will have to classify its prescriptions in accordance with the classification below, which was established of sufficiently simple and direct form: Chart of accounts: Prescriptions of Wage: This group includes the gained incomes of the wage-earning work, executed retirement or of payments received for projects or works, as well as gained incomes of vacation and tenth third. Financial incomes: It includes the act of receiving of parcels of loans, interests or too much values of applications or saving, income proceeding from good (cars, furniture, etc), as well as restitution of income tax or still donations or received inheritances. See Linux for more details and insights. Prescriptions of indebtedness: Enclosed values in the real prescription by means of loans or financings in valore (money) used in the payment of the monthly accounts; To adopt this classification allows that if it establishes the representation of each source of resources, as well as if it visualizes how much it is if complementing by means of indebtedness for generation of resources for the payment of accounts. When filling the prescription spread sheet does not forget: 1. To fill the field classification with the initial letter that identifies the name of one of the groups above presented (RS = prescription of wages, RF= financial incomes, RE= indebtedness prescription); to 2.Lanar all the prescriptions: For all the prescriptions fill: . .