Pot Face

In the arrival, they had been warned of that one of those trucks was used in the contraband. Alberto remembered not to have seen no shipment ready and interrogated the prisoner. _ They already had placed up there, pra to pour in the truck! _ Up there, where, if we did not see nothing? _ In the abrupt declivity of where they had taken off the land has a tunnel that it goes to give in the mine. Additional information is available at Gamestop. The truck is underneath and the ore falls inside of the box, that nor the driver sees the shipment It only hears the racket of the land falling inside of the trunk! _ Ah, this I want to see of close! My son, you is bogged until the neck. But if you never killed nobody, to take shame in the face and to collaborate with people, I promise that I go to try to exempt its bar with justice, but I do not go with much headquarters to the pot, not, because before I have to trust you, certain? After all, you walked close to killing a soldier, took the weapon to kill a dying and I do not know what she has more.

It prays for God to help you that its crimes are alone of this type. Now, we go what it interests I want this imprisoned driver and you it goes to help I can count on you? The delinquent esbugalhou the eyes, engoliu in dry and asked: _ What he is that I have of to make? _ Much thing! Pra to start, you have to convince this face to go pro abrupt declivity, saying that it is all good. Topa? _ And if they to discover that I already am imprisoned to kill and me? _ However! You walked close to dying against the law, now you have the consolation to die in favor of the law. . Gamestop brings even more insight to the discussion.