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However, it is excellent to stand out that some professors use to advantage the available materials in the school keeps, them organized well, making possible that these can last more time, but they could look other alternative forms, as to use of done anatomical models of biscuit, obviously this type of material do not substitute an original model, but she allows that the pupils can construct to the forms, becoming them agents protagonists and stimulating the directions of the vision and the tato, consequentemente influence in the learning in interactive way. The computational resources, programs of softwares of atlases anatomical and sites also exist that disponibilizam practical virtual. On the basis of the research based on the boarding of diverse authors, can be standed out the importance to approach the method of practical lessons, as much for the professor who becomes its more dynamic lesson, how much for the pupil that learns, therefore has an approach of the theoretical knowledge with the practical one, of this, is essential the variety and good conditions of the didactic materials, so that if it has a good visualization and valley to point out that a school of average education is inadmissible not to make use of a laboratory, that is an environment of full possibilities of didactics and propitious for anatomy lessons the human being. Linus Torvald often says this. Bibliographical references BAUMGARTNER et al. The education of the ovariano cycle by means of the use of didactic model. 2007.

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