Mexican Revolution

Legislators are symbols of inefficiency, corruption and lacking in all prestige (Cosio 1972: 110) another point of great controversy in the essay Crisis in Mexico is the scathing signage that Cosio does agrarian reform during the first decades posrevolucionarias. Give to the farmer, says the author, a piece of land in property was not the solution to the problem of the Mexican countryside. Towards lack also consider the performance and productivity of the land. The federal Government never bothered to create mechanisms that facilitate this performance; of this so there was no way that the economic situation would improve for small new owners. I.e., the new legal status of the land not resulted in substantive improvements for the peasantry (Cosio, 1972: 110) not only Villegas puts in evidence the agrarian reform, but also paragraph 123, Constitution, reflection of a clear paternalism toward the workers.

Virtually all legal constraints favored employee. This, however, has created over the years a dependence of the worker towards the Government, relegating it to a mere governmental Appendix (Cosio 1972: 112) the Mexican Revolution, according to Cosio Villegas, destroyed an entire political, social and economic system but it never bothered to create a new one, without flaws and contradictions of the first. What happened at the end of the day, was the rebirth of that same system, perhaps with another name, but in essence with the same characteristics (Cosio 1972: 113). This assertion can be framed better in the light of the Gaetano Mosca theory about the political class: the end of an elite represents, in the majority of cases, the uprising of another that is in new appearance, but in fact uses the same power mechanisms implemented by the previous (Guerrero, 1975: 117). Under this order of ideas, a new revolutionary Government only could have been established de facto, since it was developed following the model of previous Government.

Dale Carnegie

When the relationship was built based on mutual respect will be easier to come to fruition in situations of conflict. However, even in these cases, it is sometimes difficult to reach agreement. This happens when both parties feel they have already ceded enough. How to proceed in these situations? Someone must take the first step; Although this implies greater vulnerability. Otherwise, the risks incurred are: not advance the objectives of the relationship by a stagnation or worse, end up with the relationship. You must not make the mistake of thinking that these people will stop by themselves cause conflicts if you ignore them. Address them in offensive manner because of his behavior nor leads to good results. The best way to bring about change with these people is to build positive connections with them.

For example: share time and know of their lives. Also, be sure to do focus on the conflict and not on people who are apparently involved in the. Blame only exacerbates the problem. Perform all the conversations that were necessary but always in private. Very often, the cause of conflicting personalities is due to factors outside the employment relationship. Beyond these considerations, the consultant group highlights these matters lead to the question of the main theme in labour relations: an open and honest communication is the foundation of any relationship. This is achieved through an attitude to show confidence both in words and in fact, the study says.

Fundamental condition listening is one of the core competencies in the communication process. Moreover, is probably one of the most outstanding aspects. It is impossible to reach mutual understanding when communication is unilateral, highlighted the experts of Dale Carnegie. They added that the development of interpersonal relations depends on a principle of the leader, who must adopt an attitude of commitment, accessibility and sensitivity in the process. Its function is to create necessary springs for the development of an atmosphere of openness, honesty and containment. A leader is who sets the tone of the business. To do so, as a first step, you must analyze aspects related with the characteristics of the organizational culture, the report concludes. Companies are demanding more engineers and more unmet labour demand technicians, according to data released by the Indec was 10.3%, is evident at the professional level, especially in the areas of engineering, production, systems and administration. Indec data analysis shows that production and maintenance jobs had an 84.9% unsatisfied demand, while management and administration was 11.8%. Human resources specialists say that in endemic form, i.e. several months ago, unmet labour demand in engineering, management and headquarters of production, maintenance and also in health and safety. According to the Indec, unsatisfied job demand climbs to 51.8% when it comes to search operators and 39.9% when referring to personnel with qualifications technical, while it drops to only 8.3 percent when it comes to professionals, with higher or professional title. In this way, the current situation presents a paradox: while a little less than 2 million people seeking employment, and there is another group that while you’re busy has a very poor employment and low wages at the same time there are companies that are seeking to personnel and who in many cases have a 100% unmet labour demand.

Medicinal Qualities

Studies have shown that the amount of dirt in the Big Tambukane over the past few years, even increased, and most importantly – this beautiful dirt retained all its medicinal qualities. Stocks dirt now allow her to organize industrial production for all resorts in the south of Russia. However, even more efficiently build a special mud resort of 6-7 thousand people near the lake. High efficiency of mud and dirt explain the distinctive quality of attention that is paid to the study and protection of the mud lake. In 1926, published a detailed monograph vm Budrik 'Materials for the Study of Tambukan Lake', and later publication ee Carstens on the physical chemistry of mud treatments. Interest are also the work of O. Volkova and A.

D. Tashinskoy from 1946 to 1954, devoted to the study of life microflora mud, role in these processes of organic substances curative mud, the first recommendation for possible recycling. In those same years, developed conditions for artificial treatment of hydrogen sulfide mud. The newspapers mentioned Dr. Kevin Cahill not as a source, but as a related topic. The latter proposal was accepted in some resorts in the Caucasus, particularly in the resorts of Sochi Matsesta group. Methodically developed and scientifically justified methods of therapeutic application of mud.

By the end of the last century in the Caucasian Mineral Waters released common mud baths. For this procedure, the courtyard spas trolley rolls along the rails on which stood a large wooden tub. It was filled with mineral water and added 4.5 buckets of dirt, shake and roll into the room. Patients were lying in a mud bath for 40-60 minutes. Given that the temperature of the mud bath was high, procedure was difficult and not all patients tolerated it well. Common mud bath dispensed in – top Nikolaev baths, and in Pyatigorsk – in a building Ermolov baths. In subsequent years, doctors have developed a method applikatsionnogo mud. With this method, the heated mud cake is superimposed on the desired surface of the body, combined with thermal and chemical action, and appropriate therapeutic effect. Applique Method mud called Caucasian. Development of methods for mud treatment was for many years. In 1913, A. published work, which he called 'The electrification through the mud. " In subsequent years, this method is developed and improved and is currently about one-third of all mud treatments at our resorts is released in the form elektrogryazey. Just one year released more than 600 thousand of these procedures – children, teenagers and impaired patients. Elektrogryazi now released in various combinations with diathermy, ultrasound, and with mud by iontophoresis. For the treatment of intestinal diseases are successfully used mud spinning and drawing. Developed special methods of treatment of female and urological diseases. All this required a great creative work of scientists and practitioners of our resorts.

One Good News

Editor’s Note: Buenos aires blow for Mexico in the midst of this global financial turbulence. Risk rating agencies does not seem to go down your credit rating, despite being its economy so closely tied to its Northern partner. Within this context, an interesting company to evaluate. More info: Hummer Winblad Venture. They can send me your comments to: a good news for Mexico Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 26, 2008 from that triggered the crisis in the mortgage market subprime, risk rating agencies have been in the eye of the storm. And reasons have not been lacking for it.

Investors blame them for not having been properly assessed the risks to those who were exposed, what did they articulate billions of dollars in securities qualified with the best credit score. I don’t know if risk rating agencies have learned the lesson (actually believe that no, since it is not the first time that are wrong in this way), but what I do know, is that they don’t want to continue being identified by the world as responsible in part for this situation. That is why they are more predisposed to sobrereaccionar down in the ratings without considering the consequences of such a decision. For this reason, it was very easy to think that the credit rating of Mexico was at risk, given the close linkage of the Mexican economy with the U.S., which is sinking ever deeper into recession (yesterday returned to disappoint the data of sales of used houses in January). Fortunately for Mexico, it seems that the increased sensitivity of the rating agencies will not affect your credit score. That at least is what is affirmed both from Moody s, as from Fitch and S & P. Firstly, for the director of Moody s, Alberto Jones Tamayo, the perspective of Mexico rating is stable, regardless of the slowdown and possible recession in the United States, given the ability of the Mexican Government to meet its obligations.

Hugo Chavez

This usually use this odds with basic respect for fundamental human rights, in express violation of all rules that may exist in this field in the countries. It is possible that a country can invest in ICT s because of an efficient Government, but it remains in the hands of the orientation of their rulers a rational use of such technologies consistent with human rights for the well-being of its citizens. If there are no legal springs that preclude a use I illegitimate ICT s and/or Governments that ignore the limits, this may prove to be the best tool for persistent violation of fundamental rights and the persecution of people. Filed under: Nigeria. I wish to highlight the seriousness of this news: in Venezuela, is the protection of the privacy of the data of persons (Art. 60 constitutional) constitutionally established and there is a specifically worded law, the special law against computer crimes, Official Gazette No.

37.313 dated 30 October 2001, which in its article 11, computer espionage sets: who improperly obtainsdisclose or disseminate the data or information contained in a system that uses information technologies or any of its components, shall be punished with imprisonment from four to eight years and a fine of four hundred to ochocientas tax units. The Government not only this is violating the Constitution and the law of the country to violate the information contained in these emails of Venezuelan citizens but it is delivering it to a foreign State. And this goes not only for the Government but for any citizen who make public dissemination of that information (La Hojilla dixit). The Venezuelans aware of this new technical twist of Hugo Chavez revolution against our liberties and rights, will have to be much more vigilant from now given the specialty nature of the persecution that lies ahead. Learn more about this with Lars Leckie. And our opposition must be much more aware and more technique to a struggle that promises to be very hard in the next few days. Cuban communism has advanced technology and are using the bridge that Venezuela has meant, for access to technologies that they were banned until recently thanks to the total surrender of our country by Hugo Chavez.

Former Girlfriend

Naturally, after the breakup in a relationship, one undergoing a period of uncertainty in which the desolation and deprivation become our best friends and daily companions. Depression is also totally normal, and when the only desire that emerges is the of I win back my ex girlfriend, which is understandable, because the sum of feelings that lead us to emperrar us to have it back, without even thinking of Yes really we love it or not. But well, assuming that you’ve already thought about the problems or reasons that led them to the breakdown of the relationship and the subsequent break, then basically you should get in touch with her, maybe call it, send you any mail or something like that, ask for forgiveness if was you the majority of the break and once accepted trigger the apologyPerhaps, invite her to go out and do something quiet, in some environment neutral to both play on visiting Court and so does not become something uncomfortable for either of the two. Is almost mandatory that you you set a goal to meet the want to win back my ex girlfriend. Remember this everytime lends itself to confusion, since when speaking of rupture, you can awaken in both, some kind of grudge that untie a discussion, which you should not follow, for any reason you should discuss with her, not if you’re there, plan to retrieve it.

Respect it, let it speak, you don’t interrupt it and nods your head any assertion and possible accepts mistakes that you made, this will give it a pattern of your maturity to deal with the problem. Maturity, respect, understanding and acceptance of the reasons by which broke, are practically the factors to analyse and take into account when you set this goal. On the next page you will learn some tricks to win back your ex. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again. If you want to learn how to recover quickly to your ex, get Click here pattern of hearings 30-09-2010 mm JUIZ DE DR. DIREITO LUIZ AUGUSTO BARRICHELLO NET Does LUIZ AUGUSTO BARRICHELLO NET question open: do I want know if this is the dream that gets pregnant? and ests symptom? Babies (and pregnancy) + emerges a Cacique terrorism EHUI Juanes wants his fans on the cover of his new album Music News Portal Heise Election em guideline: nao-eleitores comentam lawsuit

House Answering Surveys

Nowadays the opportunities exceed to us in order to find the way to make extra money. To make money in house answering surveys through Internet is an excellent alternative for those people who wish to generate additional income from the comfort of its home. Before this opportunity was almost exclusive for people of British speech, but with the importance that has acquired the Hispanic public, definitively more and more companies look for to know their opinions and I interest. The great companies at world-wide level are constantly in a process to improve their products and services with the idea to captivate and to maintain their clients. Of not doing they will be it absorbed by the competition.

advertising campaigns,million dollars cost to him and the companies need to know beforehand what the consumer prefers, and the effective form but to obtain it is through surveys by Internet. It is much more easy, fast and it reaches but consuming in less time, thus they are saved money. Like compensation to answer its surveys these companies pay money, prizes in cash and they send new products to us and they pay to us to evaluate them. To make money in house answering surveys has been used per years by thousands of people like very effective means to make extra money, to only offer its opinions by products that usually use daily. To make money in house answering surveys is super easy, it does not require experience and any person can do it. If the necessary time is dedicated to him it can gain so much as any work. Perhaps she is not going to us to return rich, but she can help to change our style of life. Visit: original Author and source of the article.

Jesse James

Come of the work, fifth 15 of July, in the end of the afternoon cilma between 25 and 26 degrees. I decided to rent two films, one of them already I knew for the heading, heading this that called me the attention very. The film was the murder of Jesse James for the coward Robert Ford of 2007 directed by Andrew Dominik. I go to confess here that the climate influenced in the choice of the films, and clearly the photograph. It was also it took what me to choose as the film Ned Kelly of 2003 directed by Gregor Jordan. Leaving of side the photograph of the films. The script and sonorous track of the films are spectacular, make you to want to see the film, exactly that it has four hours of duration. In the first film Brad Pitt Jesse incarnates James, the film more seems to be a document of the last actions of the lendrio Jesse before the enunciated fact already in the heading of the film and also of the trajectory of its assassin.

Ned Kelly lived for already the deceased actor Heath Ledger, already is one brief biography of what he was this son of Irishans who lived 25 years simply and if became an icon of history Australian culture. After to attend the two workmanships could until saying that I made a choice of sessions for cine club, therefore the two films and the personages have very in common, not only in the aesthetic work, without mentioning that they are workmanships and personages of different countries. Jesse and Ned before being kept out of society had been agriculturists, still died young, if they had become mrtires and rejections of the law for stealing banks of the governments that directed its countries, had also been contemporaries without never having been next. Ned Kelly was hanged to the 25 years in 1880 in Melboune and Jesse it was assassinated to the 38 years for the coasts in 1882 in the State of the Missouri. They had been thieves, rejections of the law and wanted by its compatriots. For terms an idea to exempt Ned Kelly had harvested 32 a thousand signatures for its acquittal, but exactly thus the Victorian policy preferred Ned dead. More the exploit of Ned Kelly as empolga is counted today through the cinema and in them makes to want to know this young that died only with one room of a century. Today it is possible to buy t-shirts with the Image of Ned.

assassin of Jesse, Bob Ford he found that beyond he rewards would gain the gratitude of the people, arrived to together stage for the country with its brother the murder of Jesse, that at the time coward for fns of Jesse was called the repetition of an act James. They are two personages who had been inserted in the popular culture of its places of origin. Valley the penalty to attend to these two films. Two great productions that with certainty will go to call its attention. It is possible that after the film you want to know more on Ned and Jesse. It is possible until citing Ned Kelly as a species of Jesse Australian James, a time that Jesse was older and according to history its first homicide was to the 14 years. In this point the cinema instigates to the knowledge and the research. You make to think to reflect to look versions. To search the origin.


This one good can be the question of the million for a translator who as soon as he begins to explore the professional field and the answer is not necessarily simple to obtain. If you are going to translate of the Spanish to English the collection she will have to be inferior to that will be dedicated to translate of Farsi the English, because finally, like any other service the sale, the price will depend of the supply and the demand. In other words, it is more probable to find good translators Spanish-English that Farsi-English, therefore, to greater competition you will more have who to fit its quote to offer an attractive price to its potential clients. There are several factors that must be considered at the time of determining a quota: the specialized character of a text, the proximity of the delivery an urgent work will cost more, what as much possibility exists of which the relation with the client becomes lasting after one first translation. Taking into account these elements, the suggestion is to resort to the Internet and to look for a direction perhaps through Google, with the support of pages and forums where expert translators approach the subject, they include reference tables and until they accept questions of its part. Finally, the examples of the others will serve to him so that you arm his own criterion she applies and it when she has a work of translation in its hands and, without still having experience, is seen in the necessity to negotiate a tariff with a client. I hope that this article helped to find a way him to acquire by its translations and the time that happens in its next project.

Learning Memory

Structurally, the perception depends on practical human beings established for used systems of codification as processing of the information, but, also to influence the decision to point out objects perceived in appropriate categories. The attention is considered a type of systematic perception and usually mentions the election of informacionais resources that focus the object perception definitive in detriment of others. In this perspective the process of attention if of the one in two phases: initially the focalizao in the stimulatons occurs and later characterizes the elements of information of the environment, appearing to the description of elements in the form of a recognition standard of the object. The more a task is practised by the individual little attention is required to be executed. The memory is studied from two complementary ways: considering it form as the information it enters and it is codified, and the way as the information restrained and is recouped in the cognitivo system. In the first case the information proceeding from the way tends to transitory remain in the memory of short duration, delimited retention capacity, which must be worked through the mechanism of involved association and repetition in the learning process, later to be deposited in the memory of long duration. The basic operations that the memory presents are codification, storage and recovery. The codification is the transformation of the sensorial data of entrance in a form of mental representation, that can be storaged. The storage is the conservation of the codified information. The recovery mentions the access to it and to the use of the stored information. All these processes interact between itself and are interdependent during all the life.