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6 times Platinum for CHIP resize GmbH – Sage Software GmbH is top partners more Platinum is not: the Smart Resize GmbH is for the umpteenth time Platinum partner in all six areas of expertise for applications from the home Sage. For customers this means: Certified consulting and sustainable support in all areas of business from the inventory management of the billing and customer management at the highest level of competence, provides for the Sage. CHIP SIZE belongs to Sage partners of the first hour: since 1992, the company with locations in Hanover, Hamburg and Bielefeld addressed medium-sized companies with solutions for the renowned Sage software products. This CHIP SIZE was always the top partners of the market leader for economic operation software and services in the German Mittelstand. Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili understands that this is vital information. With the Platinum Award for all Sage competencies, CHIP SIZE underscores its Status Quo within the 1,000 partners in Germany.

The comprehensive expertise allows CHIP SIZE, a total solution for accounting, inventory management, production, payroll and customer management to plan and implement. Even more: As a developer partner CHIP SIZE accurately adjusts the Sage products and integrates them precisely in the work-flow of customers. It is our philosophy to give businesses with our solutions more space for their business”Avni Korkut says, Managing Director of CHIP SIZE GmbH. for works team with passion.” In the current year, CHIP SIZE wants to expand its market position in the triangle Hannover, Hamburg, Bielefeld and to enlarge the team personnel. Currently CHIP SIZE looks especially more specialists for its distribution and developer consultants. Visit CHIP SIZE at the CeBIT in Hanover! From the 06.03 10.03.12 in Hall 5, stand B16. Now under cebit appointment agree and free CeBIT ticket request. Sarah Wiggermann

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Neuro marketing expert Jan Weller to the successful brand management in the cosmetics industry Neuromarketing sets the actual point where, all economic decisions this world are made in the brain of people, point-of-sale,”says Jan Weller, pepper speech Managing Director of the Bremen neuro-marketing agency. For the cosmetics industry, which is confronted with a structural change through the Internet, the brand experience at the stationary point is point-of-sale, remains essential. Tony D. Bartel can provide more clarity in the matter. Know also the cosmetic professional association and invited on September 12 in Frankfurt the neuro marketing experts to the VCP meeting, to put new impetus and to generate ideas for contemporary concepts. Because Jan Weller considers important for extreme stationary trade, and sees him as a link between the online store and customer. Purchase unconscious decisions up to 90% of the brain on the emotional level, it applies to appeal emotionally to the consumer with the brand at all touch points.

In business, the customer with the products comes in Touch can test it, check the consistency of creams and smell scented water. Locally, the tactile and olfactory stimuli can act and thus appeal to all senses, while seeing only a Visual illustration of the product on the Internet. What role play in the branding of the hypothalamus, wholesale and cerebellum in the most powerful control center? How affect pilot and autopilot our decisions? And my brand throws a reward effect? “These and other questions are to the brand management in his lecture stimulus is awesome” answered. Foot care, nourishing the Association members, trading companies and manufacturers from the areas and decorative cosmetics, permanent make-up and cosmetics technology expected findings to instruments, messages, communication channels, target groups, but also guarantees of success, peppered with exciting practical examples. Jan Weller listeners here takes on a fascinating journey into the human brain, because brain-friendly”solutions are the secret to fast and targeted success even in the Internet age. About red pepper the owner-managed corporate identity agency red pepper was founded in 2000 in Bremen. The 20-strong team to d Yadav Hegemann and Jan Weller has specialized in neuroscientific brand management and developed brand strategies and communication solutions for customers of from different industries among others from the energy and logistics industry. Emphasis is the Agency in the business-to-business communication. More red pepper information at or For all other enquiries, Kerstin Germund is available by ursula reimers consulting & communications like available.

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In this article I want to comment briefly on the reasons that may motivate a change in the distribution of items of merchandise in a store or supermarket. Many times change is not something desired, however, can be up to vital to continue the business at some point. I am sure that the reader like me has been in limit situations that put us on the edge of the precipice and while there we must decide any changes important to not succumb. The same happens in the business.

Among the reasons I understand most important to decide to make major changes in the Layout of our store, supermarket or Local commercial I can quote the following: A bad initial layout changes and evolution in customers and their purchasing habits and consumption changes in the physical environment of the Area in which changes in the products that offer us our suppliers the animation of the point of sales a bad distribution or initial deployment are located. Given the fact that our initial deployment It will respond to several previous studies, will be strange get to say that to happen; However, it is very possible that we should make adjustments and many times these adjustments involve some time and effort. Paramount in the implementation or physical distribution of the elements of the local is contributing with the profitability of the physical space that we have, that achieved a circulation smoother buyers and take it to each space of the shop or supermarket. Therefore we can realize the need for changes in this respect noting consumers and measuring the results of sales. How our customers run through the establishment, we see lost, customers ask much to our staff where is this or that merchandise? Other clear action we can take in this regard is to do a survey among visitors most frequent.

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These behavior or action scenarios are dynamic and allow modifications, adaptations and impacts on the same path of action. It is for these reasons that, where we have environments of instability and uncertainty, strategic thinking does more than is necessary. It is in these situations where you must always prevail strategy before the program. 2 Educate to educate in the enjoyment enjoyment means to generate enthusiasm, each and every one of the activities. Then, an educational process sustained by the enthusiasm, means that all members of the school to feel alive, they share their creativity, they generate original responses, having fun playing, enjoy. Educating for the enjoyment means mobilizing energies on a shared fun adventure; feel and do feel, giving the best of themselves and receive the best of the others to participate. All this necessarily implies a joyful atmosphere, both material resources and human encounter. Here comes the richness of the senses, imagination and collective creation.

If we are born to enjoy we have every right to learn to enjoy. This goes directly against illusory models of enjoyment, as the widespread massive scale by advertising. There are other ways, such as answers to the question: when enjoy life? If the current school teaches not to enjoy, the sense of an alternative education is educated for the enjoyment. The enjoyment is a starting point and llagada, an incentive to live and the key to life itself. 3 Educate for significance and expression with sense education educates protagonists, beings to which each and every one of the activities, each and every one of the concepts, all and each one of the projects, mean something for your life. This significance is the starting point of the meaning of the world and others. The ability of make sense, to mean the world and own experience, through the ability to criticize the senses and non-nonsense.

Photography Art

You don’t have money for a good camera but the world of photography you like art? You can even have possibility of a good DSLR and still pass a take it to slopes all day. Either way, the use of the iPhone as a eventual camera is spreading. Before anything, the iPhone has a unique and no zoom approach, and this simplicity requires composition and the search for the perfect shot. Read on to know how to take amazing photos with our iPhone. -First Council: leverages the spontaneity I like taking photos of the moment, scenes without intention. That, or snapshots with some element of surprise. You should be always attentive to change, either by lighting, the movement of people, or just a slight difference in something ordinary.

– second Tip: walk!The iPhone camera has a fixed focal length. See more detailed opinions by reading what Energy Bill Revolution offers on the topic.. Whether you want to take advantage of or override this feature, it will be a leg work. (Technical artistic photography) If you need a photo nearby, you’ll have to be really close. If you need a remote, it exaggerates that distance. Use feet to find the angle. This is important also to venture into areas more away from our place to find good themes that shoot. – Third Council: leverages the horizontal photos do not do only vertical shots; get horizontal pictures also. And try to use small touches your finger over the camera to change the focal point (only for those who have an iPhone 3GS).-Fourth Council: leverages the available apps constantly there are new applications in the AppStore, find those that suit your tastes and learns to create images that look exactly as you imagine (for example using Photo fx and CamerKit).

I hope these tips we serve (learn artistic photography), some of them found me interesting. At least allow us to know that take artistic pictures with our favorite gadget is not impossible. Will have to which this seems little thing, but for the uninitiated in the matter (study of artistic photography) assumes a little help that is not too bad. And your? Are you using the iPhone for artistic photographs? Which applications from the AppStore you seem more successful in doing so?


The family is born of the society and the society is agglomeration of all the families. It is composed basically for the triad, mother, father and children, and if presented in two distinct ways: as a family public (superficial and happy, to the times until envied by many) and as one particular family (real and problematic). Initially, nothing father or mother demands themselves in formation substance to be, but in to elapse of the development of the boys, the pedagogical unconsciousness of mothers will be able to find parallel in the reproductive unconsciousness of man. Then, the task for the parents is hard, that is to generate to create the children. is hard the task for the children, that is to support and to load the imperfections, disillusions and ressentimentos of the parents.

For the theory of the transference of which Freud cites in its studies, we can to understand that it is very common the parents to repeat with its children what the parents of them they had made with them in the past. Something easy and very logical to understand, but difficult of being improved of generation for generation. Why? Because he stops to understand the familiar problem is necessary to perceive that the person not adoece separately, but in group. He does not have psychotic individual, has psychotic ill family. She would have to be the goal of the parents to establish a sincere relationship with its children.

But, many times, the incapacity to see them as an authentic person it makes it difficult the agreement. Then, it is tried to make for they projects or molds that they do not correspond its real expectations. In more serious cases, the parents they want that the son is its image and similarity and if they will not be are missed they need to be corrected, if possible for the life all.

Selfhelp Groups

Self-help groups have offered for a long time the company and information for people facing diseases or disabilities, and online groups have expanded to offer support to individuals from the various circumstances of life, especially those related to personal and cultural relations. Various online formats have allowed the development of both groups, where individuals can exchange messages in real time, where the members that are not necessarily connected simultaneously to a network can read and exchange messages.E-mail, social networks, forums of communication methods to help the auto-peer-to-peer groups and between support groups. A researcher from University College London said that the lack of qualitative directories, and the fact that many support groups are not listed in search engines may hinder the search for an appropriate group.Even so, he says that the medical community needs to understand the use of personal experiences rather than an evidence-based approach These groups also have an impact on how people use information that can help people to learn how to find and use information:. for example, users of Web sites of Exchange and discussion Web sites. It is not difficult to find an online support group, but it is difficult to find a good one.The article what to look for in groups of quality support online, John M. Grohol gives tips for evaluating groups in line and says:.? In good online support groups, members of stay long once they have received the support they were looking for fall because they want to give to others what they themselves are in the group. psychologists call this the high group cohesion, and it is the pinnacle of the achievements of the group.

Several studies have shown the importance of the Internet in the provision of social support, in particular to groups with chronic health problems. Especially in the case of rare diseases, a sense of community and understanding despite the large geographical distances can be important, as well as for the exchange of knowledge, self-help groups, online communities for those affected by a common problem, give mutual support and provide information, often two inseparable aspects.These are, according to Henry Potts, of the University College of London, a great resource for patients.Numerous studies have examined the content of the messages, whereas what matters is the effect of participation in the group over the individual.Potts complains that research on these groups has fallen behind, especially in the groups that are created by people with problems, rather than by researchers and health professionals.Self-help groups defined by the user can share the kind of practical knowledge that healthcare professionals can be ignored, and which also influence how people find, interpret and use information. Marc D. Feldman of the University of Alabama in Birmingham, has warned about the sympathy of asylum that they invade Internet self-help groups.

Automobile Industry

Long been observed that in the segment of trucks all the loudest gets the premiere did not dump trucks. The first sights of designers and design engineers are always directed toward the trunk of tractors. It is in This category comes first all the improvements, and only then, with a lag of 3-5 years of innovative solutions adapted to construction engineering and start selling trucks as modifications of these basic models. And many "bells and whistles" which is equipped with tractors – in the trucks are not needed in accordance with the specifics of their operation. Still, truck drivers really "lives" in the car for weeks and for him comfort and convenience of the cabin is very important. Another thing – dump trucks.

Usually they work on the shorter "arm" and in more severe conditions – construction dust, off-road. And yet … The European car industry – the undisputed leader in issues of comfort, reliability and environmental performance of cars of any class. Mighty cab MAN, Mercedes, Volvo, even in the budget version – used to install the tipper – retain all their generic features. Verified ergonomic driving position, generous design of the dashboard, designed internal compartments for personal belongings driver …

The various systems that monitor adherence to speed mode, driving and rest up to monitor signs of fatigue or intoxication. In general – large-scale "social package" chauffeur protect health and safety at work. Dump trucks KAMAZ, URAL, other machinery manufacturing Russia and the former Soviet Union – although equipped with more than today, more comfortable cabin than before, is still inferior to foreign analogs in terms of comfort. The fact that Europeans consider "budget" option – for Russian booths remains a luxury. Thanks uncomfortable driver's seat and "heavy" management driver's profession in Russia is still fraught with load and unit physical fatigue. But as the song says, – of our national tradition "here believe the measure of fatigue … a little sad that even the Chinese trucks in terms of ease of operation and enhanced driver convenience are often much higher for domestic level of comfort. This is partly also due to local circumstances. For example, air-conditioning – is not a basic option for Russian trucks – is installed in every Chinese dumpers. This is not surprising if remember that the climate in China is hot and humid, and there is no air conditioning to work hard … Another curious feature: trucks from China for the most part have a sleeper cab. Whereas in the domestic trucks sleeping bag – a great rarity. Comparing this technical solution with a clear migration of Chinese people around the world (and to our country in particular), Russian folk wisdom of this logic is understood at once: "must be the same Chinese Driver-guest-worker somewhere to live! ". But the joke-joke, but within peresmenok and downtime our drivers with no less pleasure than the Chinese have a rest in a more convenient and comfortable cabins.

Ramon Gallegos

Part of the philosophical position that something different can be complementary, making us more universal. Dialogue between student and teacher based on a spiritual relationship whose priority is communication creating values and common purposes where everyone wins, that is, a ganadora-ganadora holistic policy is primary in education holistic, point is how to learn to think together, to listen to each other, share, cooperate to achieve a common discernment, dialogue process leads us to be respectfulhumble, democratic, patient, cordial and tolerant. This education is for all life, it is significant and permanent learning, it is one comprehensive training to learn how to live responsibly, intelligently and compassionately. Holistic education is an alternative applicable to any culture or social, taking into account circumstance that the only way to get closer to an education. In holistic education, the enormous responsibility of the 21st century is go the quality of objects to the integrity of the subjects… Any development proceeds (healthy process) differentiations and integrations, if differentiation is stopped, failure is the fusion (process pathological, everything is the same), by contrast, if it goes too far the result is fragmentation, (everything is contradictory). Integrate, it is to unite diversity, and this is organized into holones.

Holistic education considers two types of hierarchies: of domination that are pathological, authoritarian and destroy the process of evolution and development which are natural stages of development of the evolution of the cosmos, this type is called holarquia because they are totalities within totalities. According to Dr. Ramon Gallegos multinivel-multidimension mainstreaming should be directed to the integral, and the first step is differentiation, important then is differentiate levels and educational dimensions. Multilevel education is considered in five levels of totality, and forming a holarquia of education aware, the first level of entire works with the educator holistic is the individual consciousness, where should respect each student’s learning style. The second level is the community conscience of human beings.

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Take care of your emotional health; for this reason it is suitable that you talk to someone what worries you, you upset and you stressed, or at least write it on paper and throw it away. Then breathe deeply, you’ll see how you feel relieved. Get some physical exercise because our body needs to move to generate the energy it needs. Walking 20 minutes a day may be enough to start. You will help you to download your mind and relax your body. Finally, I recommend that you leave the routine and goals gradually change in your life. How? It seeks to put you different colors each day. Look to see which color you want, this will be the best for you.

If you’re discouraged better Ponte vivid colors, they will rise your mood. Our bodies also need different stimuli, so food must be varied, meat, fish, pasta, different fruits and vegetables, all cooked in different ways and seeks to change the color of the dishes, glasses, tablecloths. It is a more fun way of eating and connects us with the color and variety of life. As you go by making these small changes you’ll feel better with it and that is going to lead to a more healthy, quiet and active life. Flower Melguizo Aguilera doctor specialist in medical oncology, Psychosomatic Medicine, psychotherapist. Emotional management in the TRCD method based on testing of M Gemma Saenz: fear the decrepitude of old age, disease and death. Original author and source of the article.