Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A contribution to the liability of the lessor or third in a carbon monoxide poisoning of the tenant (defective gas water heater, fitting errors, liability of the Installer). A current tragedy makes headlines. Recently several people have died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a rented flat in Berlin-Kopenick. The public prosecutor’s Office determined. The question of civil liability is not (yet) see.

Damage caused by a defective gas water heater or gas leakage, cause several managers in question. Generally, the landlord is obliged to install a gas water heater properly and regularly maintain. Hereby, specialized firms are commissioned. An earlier decision of the Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) (decision of the 13.1.1987, file number: VI ZR 78/86), shows that the conditions under which the gas installer for damage due to carbon monoxide poisoning as well as the landlord may be responsible. The Supreme Court ruled in this case that the enforcement of a claim for damages against the installer is relieved, if Error in the installation of the gas water heater after can be assigned and damage causative inappropriate behaviour of others cannot be excluded. Should be detectable, that an installation error exists (about an incorrect installation of the exhaust valve), then have the installer in a case before the Court to prove that the carbon monoxide poisoning due to other causes was, due to his mounting error, not to slip in the liability. In court practice, this is not easy. Gain insight and clarity with Tony D. Bartel. Should this not succeed, the installer, then he may become liable for the damage caused by the carbon monoxide poisoning.

A degraded tenant has the opportunity to assert his claim for damages against the installer in the case. In most cases the lessee a claim for damages against the landlord, because it must pay off to the fault of its vicarious agents. The boiler installers are basically regarded as agents of the lessor. Specialist Attorney tip tenant: you should feel the leakage of gas, you must Immediately place the landlord in knowledge. Document each case exactly. If you have undergone any damage, it is advisable to consult a specialist. Damages claims of the lessee for damages in the apartment must be given exactly, against whom the claim is. Under certain circumstances, also the landlord for the fault of third parties shall be liable (Installer, maintenance companies, assemblers etc). Specialist Attorney tip landlord: If complaining tenants about problems of the gas water heater, you must respond immediately. Faulty boiler can have the most serious consequences. Not always, you are liable for the fault of people who make handicraft works in and the apartment and damage due to their error. Recently decided the regional court of Berlin (judgment of the 9.11.2010, ref.: 65 S 435/09), that the chimney is not vicarious agents of the lessor. Select the people who work for you, well as you stick otherwise maybe also due to a fault of the selection.

Forest Stewardship Council

Especially the products of the chemical and petrochemical industry, such as lubricants and chemicals, must be marked mandatory with extensive hints and instructions for use. Also contests and food promotions the booklet tab provides the necessary space, so can be advertising attached to the attention and curiosity of the consumer at the point of sale to awaken and to encourage him to buy about small cooking recipes on food or cocktail tips on spirits. With Bookletetiketten, there should be also no place needs completely and consumer-friendly list the ingredients of food. Group of harder with its headquarters in the Swabian wine is one of the most innovative owner-operated printing companies in Germany. Tony Bartel is actively involved in the matter. High-quality print products in the area of commercial printing, such as all kinds of labels are manufactured at the two locations in vineyard and Grossenhain (Saxony).Thanks to one fully automated Internet-shop-system and State of the art printing and stamping technology achieves significant cost savings compared to other providers and this advantage is passed on to the customers. Distribution partnerships, like the Famo Druck AG of Switzerland, and own sales offices in Poland and the Czech Republic takes account of the special features of regional markets and ensures a continuous growth. “” In the year 2003 the harder-online GmbH was founded, with the brands of”,” and “is positioned now around 10 years outstanding in the market. The Unternehmsgruppe harder and its subsidiaries are the green print shop”and are certified already since February 2009, according to the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Fuel Efficient Production

Bott and Abel install a complete production facility with picking, pre-Assembly and final Assembly for the technology company Elcorer GmbH. Quality and processes are secured by the ELAM system. Elcorer headquartered in Munich, develops and manufactures highly efficient energy systems with advanced fuel cell technology. The company focuses on natural gas-powered power heat coupling systems for single-family homes and larger objects. Already to the start-up of the production, the company has sought a reliable partner for the construction of its new jobs and found in Abel engineering. To meet the high quality standards in the technology of fuel cells, a plant Guide and process control incorporated right at the beginning in the manufacturing landscape.

Both are engineering elements from the E3 platform of ELAM-2012 with the IT Innovation Prize-winning Armbruster. So, Abel secures the quality of the Assembly processes. Of Assembly tables required for the continuous production, transport lines and – dare were from bott, planned on the basis of the modular system APS and installed. Through the close cooperation of these two companies, Elcorer received a holistic solution by Abel as general contractor. The production manager Mr. Burger says: we have placed special emphasis on a full traceability of orders and components. In the implementation phase of our unit we can quickly discover possible improvements and implement.” The result can be seen. Elcorer founder and CEO Dr.

Manfred Stefener received the European inventor award 2012 press contact Bott GmbH & co. KG railway str. 17 d 74405 g village Bernhard Teuffel Tel: + 49 (0) 7971/251-214 fax: + 49 (0) 7971/251-295 about Bott GmbH & co. KG the Bott group develops and manufactures at three European sites, vehicle, equipment and workplace systems. Bott supplies customers in industry and trade worldwide, with its products. Her efficient work in manufacturing, Service and installation is the focus. The headquarters of the group is located at the start-up and production site in Gaildorf (Germany). Furthermore, manufactured products in booth (UK) and Tarnazsadany (Hungary). With other distribution companies in France, Austria, Denmark and Italy, as well as with license partners and importers all over the world, offers a nationwide service network bott and individually on local needs arrives – from planning to installation.

Pumps Systems

Included, ready for connection to a plate assembled, all necessary, co-ordinated components: sensors, control and metering pumps. Depending on the systems with sensors for the measurement of pH and redox potential, or to the acquisition of the pH and the concentration of chlorine. The metering systems take over the pH adjustment and the disinfection with chlorine or with active oxygen. Precisely and reproducibly the Peristaltic Pumps of series DULCO flex were specially designed for use in public and private baths. Peristaltic Pumps of DF3a series dosing chemicals for pH correction and disinfection, can provide but also to the exact dosage of fragrances in the steam bath and sauna. The DF4a series Peristaltic Pumps are ideally suited for all applications where flocculants consistently and accurately be to added. Customized solution on the bsw info days ProMaqua visitors find only a fraction of its extensive product portfolio. The Heidelberg manufacturer developed and produces all common methods for water treatment with a focus on the hygiene and disinfection.

Operators of private or public swimming pools this always receive a tailor-made solution for the optimal treatment and disinfection of swimming pool water. For more information, please contact: ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH Michael Birmelin In the Shoemaker won 5-11, 69123 Heidelberg phone: + 49 6221 842-270 fax: + 49 6221 842-432 E-mail: about prominently that ProMinent group of companies is more than 50 years manufacturer of components and systems in the field of dosing of liquids, as well as reliable solutions partner for water treatment. Innovative products, services and industry-specific solutions works with ProMinent for greater efficiency and security for their customers worldwide. The ProMinent group of companies focuses on the development, production and distribution of components and complete solutions for storage, transfer, dosage and Neutralization of liquid chemicals. This chemical storage containers, transfer pumps, dosing pumps, measurement, rule – and sensor technology, complete dosing systems polymer piecing stations are used. Under the brand name ProMaqua a ProMinent fire provides the group as an independent provider of technology for water treatment and disinfection procedures a comprehensive portfolio, that includes chlorine dioxide systems, electrolysis equipment, UV systems, ozone systems and membrane filtration systems.

What Is A Mariachi?

What is a mariachi? A mariachi is a name for a certain type of group musical, very popular in Mexico. The average modern mariachi has a minimum of three guitars, a guitaron bass, and a vihuela of greater harmony, as well as two trumpets, and three violins. Tony D. Bartel is often quoted on this topic. Mariachi groups are easily recognizable by their traditional costume, a costume with silver buttons and wide hats. The origin of the word mariachi is unknown, although some people believe that it can be attributed to the French word mariage, meaning marriage, and probably referring to the fact that the mariachis were often artists at weddings. The mariachi music is dance music, and a series of specific dances have emerged from it. The most famous of these dances is undoubtedly the Jarabe Tapatio, which in fact is the national dance of Mexico. The technique used is the style of the Spanish zapateado, a percussion and high energy dance. The form of mariachi began at the end of the 19th century, in the town of Cocula, in the State of Jalisco, in Mexico.

Originally, the mariachi had a harp rather than the, but the guitarron was later replaced by its easy portability. Mariachi bands also had trumpets as part of a whole, while they were added in the early 20th century. In its beginnings, the mariachis were associated with the estates, working for private parties-rich clients, however, after the Mexican Revolution and the rupture of the hacienda system, the mariachis were forced to become street musicians to make a living. They give their concerts in public squares or in communal meetings for free. From the early 1930s, mariachi music began to emigrate from their natal region to city of Mexico and other major urban centers.

The first mariachi band that succeeded was Mariachi Vargas, begun by Gaspar Vargas at the end of the 19th century, and his son, Silvestre Vargas. Mariachi Vargas created many of the classical arrangements of mariachi music, added the trumpet to the set and they were of great influence on the next generations of artists. Mariachi music made his United States debut at the end of the 1980s, when Linda Ronstadt released her album Canciones de Mi Padre. She noted that his inspiration was the ranch of his family from Arizona and Mexican traditional songs. The mariachis can be found in all Mexico, United States, and even in some parts of Central America and the South. Mariachi music is often used in weddings or birthday parties. Some restaurants also have permanent shows. The Repertoire of a mariachi band is sentimental, and as such, is ideal for romantic courtship. Serenade with Mariachi


Jorge Luis Borges: The University should insist us old and others. If he insists on it own and contemporary, the University is useless because it is expanding a function that already meets the press Latin America needs a professional committed to his development and the universities and institutions of the continent are working to form it. Of all the characteristics required in the new graduates, two are truly unavoidable. See what are these features and what new citizens which have need in the region: 1. We need a graduate with leadership skills: when strong winds raging and the storm roars threatening it is necessary that lifting of leaders capable of driving the ship to a safe port. It can be said that the 21st-century storm threatens in with becoming the most dramatic hurricane of which it becomes aware. For this reason it is desirable to have a University building through suitable leaders to lead without dominating; drivers without subjugating; govern without depressing; guiding without abusing.

Latin America has lived the crossroads of various leaderships and all they have received their inheritance: a few good times and bad times. Most of the peoples of the mestizo continent have due support within their Governments leaders who do not live to politics as it should be but the policy with which they neglect their obligation to sacred and inescapable serve their people and comply with the ambition to unhealthy, selfish and dark meet their personal or family projects. The Prussian leader Otto Von Bismarck argued that the politician thinks of the next election; the statesman, in the next generation. In that sense, it is valid the University to design a curriculum in which privilege the formation of new and transparent leadership sustained by the desire to serve communities, other persons, the present generation and their children and their children’s children. Latin America is waiting for leaders who think of the needs of the people and to achieve that long-awaited changes occur in benefit of the development of peoples.


Home, our shelter home, since ancient times man has worried about having a suitable place to have a family, which can shelter from the weather, a place where you feel safe and protected, a place to relax and feel part of an environment created to the extent of its inhabitants. Households are as diverse in its forms and management such as the diversity of characters, customs, and cultures around the world. But despite the great diversity all have the same features: Wrap Protection Security A place to create, develop and share in the home there is a diversity of characters, it is a mini society where there is respect thoughts, beliefs and dreams. Despite previously named persons of the family group, some more than others worry that that place is pleasant for all, are concerned: environments, colors and decoration that the apartments are a very nice and cosy place place for food preparation than bright, orderly and is decorated around its function and very important is the presence of gardens in the vicinity of the dwelling, not in all cases, as in urban centres, in these cases there is the alternative of all indoor gardens that the human being has achieved it integrate into place. For humanity is of extreme relevance to feel part of a place, even more so an ideal space for develop in family and in society. Having a residence is one of the things most relevant to any people, because in its decoration, in his furniture, in your kitchen, bedrooms, gardens and everything that makes up a home is shaping part of us, our personality, our tastes, itself our essence, what makes us unique to the rest of human beings. The home is very important both for humans as animals, everybody’s looking for a place to form families, see grow their offspring, protect themselves and feel part of a place, that place that we call HOUSEHOLD.

As persons, households also have needs, as for example change the color of the room the kitchen decor, or changing the furniture. Everything to beautify and be more gratifying this place that is so special so important for any human, that place that gives us shelter and wrap. I invite you to visit this link, you will find very interesting data, and maybe you will find what you need both your home. Or you can advertise anything you want to sell your home. In a fast and easy way. Original author and source of the article.

Brava Coast

LLANSA, is a tourist town located on the Costa Brava near Figueras. It stands out for the beauty of its coast which is still not overwhelming urban overcrowding.Really well communicated (train station, exit Highway 20 minutes, tourist coastal road to Cadaques). Consists with many sectors that shelter coves and beaches that stand out for the quality of its waters: Cap de ras (coves) Grifeu (sandy beach) San Genis (coves) port (Pebble Beach) Carboneres (coves) La Farella (Beach) Cau del Llop (Beach) Fener (mountainside with panoramic views) in summer a tourist bus runs through the numerous coves and beaches of the town. Speaking candidly Ann Winblad told us the story. The port offers a continuous show where to practice sports and leisure. Numerous shops and restaurants are located between the port and the village.

Ideal for renting an apartment for vacations and weekend.It offers the visitor a scenery of wild beauty with its coast clipped and abrupt. Crowds of coves and beaches extends to along the buttress of the Pyrenees that delimit the municipality. An exceptional situation, close to France and Barcelona. A rented in Llan apartment? a is an ideal base for discovering the Costa Brava and enjoy your holiday.Apart from offering multiple activities for recreation and sports, its geographical layout is perfect to visit points of interest of the Emporda. Door entrance to the natural park of Cap de Creus natural paradise is a delight to where hiking and visit towns of great interest (Cadaques, Port de la Selva, Roses) A people without burden, with a landscape privileged access to the Cap de Creus natural park (true jewel of the Costa Brava), well communique which consists of all the services.The possibility of multiple activities and carry out numerous visits of interest in a ray of fifteen kilometers:? & nb sp; Dali Museum? & nbs p; Castle of peralada (casino and cellars of champagne)? & nbs p; Pair natural Aiguamolls (natural reserve of migratory birds)? & nb sp; Monastery san Pere de Rhodes (with a few do incredible views)? & nbs p; Empuriabrava and its channels? & n bsp; The Cathedral of Castellon? & nbsp; The natural park of the Alberes beaches, leisure, sports, three natural parks nearby, scenery of wild beauty, food quality, and despite many attractive tranquility. These are the arguments that make Llansa instead of first class to enjoy a good holiday.

Valladolid Chain

Francesc Gonzalez, director of Expansion of Troc, a franchise dedicated to the deposito-venta of furniture and goods from occasion, which already has a hundred and a half of establishments throughout Europe, and then Gema de Olavarrieta, responsible for Expansion and multifranquiciada of No+Vello, teaches that can be considered the pioneer in this kind of landing that have carried out the centers of aesthetics and hair removal in our countrythey have been the major players in managed franchise, the specialized space in this business collaboration formula included in the first hour program, accompanying the Group COPE radio chain. In addition, at the 17th edition of the programme Gestiona Radio, which aired for Tuesday March 29, we also reviewed the latest news of the sector: the entry into India by Adolfo Dominguez, with the opening of its first store in Delhi; the expansion of the Yogurtlandia Italian franchise, which reaches 6 operating units in Spain; the jump international chain of fashion low cost Shana; the landing of Naturhouse in Switzerland, with plans to open 388 stores; the creation and start-up of a string for man’s handle, which plans to open 500 stores; the bet of McDonald s coffee, with what aims to position itself as a benchmark also at breakfast; the agreement of Bimba & Lola with El Corte Ingles, which will take you to open 40 corners in three years, and the opening of a restaurant Foster s Hollywood in the Alhsur shopping centre in La Zubia (Granada). And in the theoretical part, the clarifications to two questions from listeners: one with a business that raises granted franchises to third parties, wanted to know what guarantees exist to avoid plagiarism by malicious persons who acquire the know-how and subsequently used it against him. The other, was wondering whether or not plants that have agreements with banks and savings banks, than those others that don’t lend any assistance to the candidates are more interesting to franchisee in seeking external funding. Listen to program (can download the audio file by clicking the link with the right mouse button and choosing the option Save target). Manages Radio is a radio chain attached to the Group COPE, which emits a programming specialized in economic information since 2009.

Currently, manages Radio have dial in Madrid (94.8 FM and FM 108.0), Valencia (100.7 FM), Seville (90.8 FM), Zaragoza (98.3 FM), Malaga (98.5 FM), Bilbao (107.9 FM), Valladolid (88.9 FM) in brief points of the dial in other provincial capitals are added. The program manages franchise is the first space of radio, specializing in franchise, issued by a large national chain in Spain. Led by two journalists with more than 15 years of experience in the sector, such as Jaime Bosqued and Jaime Parrondo, it can also be followed live by Internet (

Keys Advertising

Orchestrate an effective Google advertising campaign should include the proper configuration of many different aspects. On the one hand, they are all topics related to ads itself, how to compose the texts of the Google advertising is vital to capture the intended public. The same level of importance, and the same effect on the performance of Google advertising has the selection of keywords. The same will directly determine the audience to which the guideline is intended. However, one aspect that, often, does not receive due attention is how the landing pages are composed, is tell the page that directs the advertising link in Google. When the notice is properly configured and written, surely, we will achieve several visits. This is positive. However, if the page you reach these users does not meet its objective efficiently, our conversions will be very bad.

We will not only lose silver because of users who do not materialize sales, i.e., considering all those sales that never ended up close and the profits it generates. But that these negative rates will directly impact on the levels of quality of our advertising on Google. Let us remember that Google applies a quality score to the advertising guidelines. When the level is good, will result in possible discounts to pay per click agreed, while our notices are better positioned. It is worth remembering that a better positioning of Google advertising notices impacts directly on the effectiveness of the same, being best placed prompts those who better pay. Therefore it is necessary to work on the landing pages and make us their maximum effectiveness.

How to achieve this? There are many important factors that influence the quality of the landing pages: design, time of load, usability, writing the text, etc. are you able to make and configure landing pages of quality? How to control your performance? Do know what a Split test? How to apply it? These and many more questions are answered on mastering Google Adwords, the tool for advertising in Google that will give you all the necessary weapons to their ads yield the fruits that you expect. Dominate Google Adwords is probably the most popular e-book on the subject of advertising on Google. Find out why every day it thickened the grateful users list, and you also become part of the team of winners. Mastering Google Adwords is the definitive e-book on advertising on Google.