The woman without the least spoke to look at me in the face. I risked: — Then it has a son! The woman, Janice, looked at me with surprise, then later with hatred and answered: — Easy to forget the past when a new life is had, but the ones that are cry perpetual. Yes, it has a son, pretty and with the equal eyes to the ones of the mother, who it does not tire to praise. Soon after to direct me a rancor look he left with a coffee tray. Nor he had remade me well of its> rudes words it came back and said: — Osvaldo asks for that the lunch goes up soon to the room of it after, asks for excuse for not receiving it now is that well it is not made use. You must understand that the home calls it that abandoned is very difficult for it. I received the words as one covers in the face. I abandoned the home! Therefore then he was possible to be in a home where he was not himself well quista.

I did not answer nothing went leaving been silent, at this Janice moment he caught in my arm and with disdain he spoke: — I loved this man since the moment where the vi, but its souvenir was so precious for it that never I had a possibility if wants, then does not disappoint it again and fulfills with its paper of mother. It leaves running and I was to only stop in the room and when I raise the eyes I see a picture enormous of Osvaldo and I with an enormous belly. Oh God! Because everything this, because this martyrdom, this cursed passed that does not leave me to live. From there it leaves without route, I walked at random and I was to only stop under of one Cumprir my paper of mother, as it could be so cruel.