Original Advertising

The practice of foreign companies shows that in most cases, problems associated with increasing demand and its management, are solved not just for the market, but only for a particular segment of it or sets of segments. Segmentation in this case acts as an effective way to "rejuvenate" products, is entering the phase decline in demand, and giving it new life pulse on the market. Based on the research activities of large companies, we can draw the following conclusions: – the higher the costs of advertising and sales promotion, the faster Buyers will learn brand name. At Linus Torvald you will find additional information. – The sooner they learn it, the more decision-makers about the purchase, preferred products of this company. – The higher the preference, the greater the share of firms in this market. But in any case, advertisement is effective only when the following requirements: – articulates the market position of the goods, ie contains information about the specifics of its use, differences from those of competitors – promises significant benefits to consumers when purchasing goods, which show his dignity, creates a positive image, form preferences, and other conditions in the title of advertising appeal and in his illustration, in the style of delivery of text and graphic material – contains successful advertising idea – the original and at the same time easy to read – creates and implements the consciousness of a clear, well thought out in detail the way goods – a stereotype that increases its value in the eyes of consumers – underscores the quality of goods offered, and at the same time the level of performance associated with this high quality – original and therefore not boring, does not repeat known bothered solutions – has a precise target orientation, reflecting the different needs, desires and interests of specific customers and informing them in such a way as to take into account differences consumer demand in a particular advertising audience – attracts attention, which is achieved successful artistic and textual decisions, placing an advertisement in the media, enjoying a high reputation, which read, listen, watch those to whom advertising is designed – emphasis on new and unique features and qualities of goods, which is a prerequisite for its success in the market and the most current part of an advertising argument – focusing on the core, not complicating, suggests only that it is important for the consumer, and addresses him directly.