Obtaining Grants DAAD. From Personal Experience …

Thus, it is about getting scholarships for master program in all directions. First, some general rules: 1. As has been somewhere said highly experienced Elsa, stupidly bring them what they ask for. It concerns the number and quality of all documents that you send. 2. Terms. They differ in each country: in Belarus, an application must be already in the daad before the 30 th of November, in Russia, a request must be sent by mail by November 30.

3. Do not lie, do not write off, too, and not fantasize do not spread the idea. step 1. filing When you have firmly decided that jump into all this activity, carefully read all the requirements. Try to assess whether you can perform all of the deadline.

It's a shame to spend time and money on documents, and then realize that a language certificate you will not receive on time. 1. Filling a request Familiarise yourself with the nomination on the website of daad of the country. This will avoid problems with such issues, how to write in German 'Abitur', etc. Choose a suitable time for its completion. I have on this activity took about three hours. Think carefully about what you write there. E application, as I understand, – the primary document that meet the selection commission. There are many places you are very constrained by the number of characters. Try, for example, put the goals of your study in 400 characters, so that nothing important do not miss it.