Newsweek American

It is clear that Christianity has configured the culture and the past of Europe. The question is whether that cultural heritage belongs definitive and exclusively, to the past, or if you can play even a Configurator role in the future of our continent. In other words, if Christianity declines, slowly but inexorably, to become a marginal residue or if, on the contrary, it is capable of revitalize these old structures; If Europe as such, can survive regardless of Christianity, or not. To culminate the project prevailing secularist between the world of the Liberals, we could really call us Europeans? Never as until now, these issues have gained so much strength and importance. However, as points out the Italian philosopher Giovanni Reale 1, is precisely now when are more elusive. If don’t want to reduce Europe to a mere political or economic challenge, it is necessary to have the courage to throw a look at the origin of our history, to the possibility of renewing the European man, reliving their historical, cultural and spiritual roots in new way.

As Professor Jurgen Habermas 2 recognized, the survival of the democratic and liberal State only be possible thanks to certain attitudes and moral and civic skills that nowadays only treasure religious traditions, and in Europe particularly Christianity, affirming at the same time unequivocally, that it is contrary to the very essence of the democratic and liberal State, promoting secularism from power. While faith seems to be more heartfelt than ever throughout the world, God seems to be regarded by many, an absurd anachronism in Europe. Already in the summer of 1999, the weekly magazine Newsweek American published an interesting and provocative research that recognized that at the end of the last millennium, on the old continent, statistics showed an unquestionable crisis of spirituality.