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New: ClassicLine kakteen & bonsai soil and fertilizer by frux cacti are among the most popular German pot plants. Many people can not imagine a life without them. Window sills remained empty, missing an important piece of green homes. Offers the standard soil plant Association, one of the leading manufacturers for soils and fertilizers in Germany, a new Earth and a corresponding fertilizer for the special needs of cacti. The site of cacti come from areas where it is rather hot and dry. So, most cacti may prefer very bright locations. But not all species tolerate direct sunlight on the window sill. You can get a sunburn even.

The Cactus turns red – or blue. Cacti grow repotting only very slowly. Nevertheless, they can be outgrown their vessel after some time and should then be repotted. Cacti need a very special world. She must have a loose structure for a long time and the air – or water supply optimum control, otherwise the roots rot. The new ClassicLine kakteen & bonsai soil by frux contains quartz sand and pumice. These components prevent waterlogging and ensures optimum air circulation in the root zone. A high proportion of clay minerals also stores nutrients and gives successively on the roots they.

The Earth has an optimum pH and contains specially tuned fertilizer on cacti. This substrate is ideally suited for bonsai and other Succulents. When repotting, one should wear gloves to avoid injury. To use planters with vents, to divert excess water and to prevent waterlogging, so. At planting, we first covered the bottom of the tank with the Earth, then use the plants and fill it with Earth. There should be a pouring edge of approx. 1-2 cm stand. The earth should press gently and pour good. Water and fertilize most cacti you should pour only, if the soil is really dry. Then but penetrating, that is to say: to the substrate no water more picks up. In the cold months also cacti hibernate a”. During this time, they do not grow and therefore also don’t need to be poured. For the current supply of the plants with the main nutrients, frux’s professional recommend the ClassicLine kakteen & bonsai fertilizer. From March until October, you should every 3 weeks sparingly – fertilize a cap on 3 litres of water, don’t fertilize during the vegetation break. About the unit Earth movement Association The unit Earth works are one of the leading production communities for high quality soils and special substrates for over 50 years. The proprietary unit Earth applies for garden professionals as the best base Earth with guaranteed constant quality. The Earth is characterised by their structural stability and its high proportion of fresh natural sound especially good storing many nutrients and water. At eight production sites is in Germany and Europe with State of the art technology, environmentally responsible standards and latest scientific findings produced. Under the specialist trade brand frux a quality range of soils, fertilizers, bark and stone mulch is offered for the hobby gardener. The products are only available in Garden stores and nurseries.