National Program

In 2001 the government socializes the national level initiating the evidence to the social programs, and through adequacies they had been giving to bases for the program Stock market Family who is understood as the biggest program of transference of income of the country. The Program Stock market School was created and together with it Cadastro Only for the Social Programs (Cadnico), as decree 3,877 of 24/07/2001. This Cadnico is a social questionnaire that in requirement for the government is presented the family whom it desires to be enclosed in the programs and is filled the requirements, this registers in cadastre aims at to get pertinent information domiciliates to it, basic sanitation, familiar composition, gestantes, financial situation and familiar expenditures. You may wish to learn more. If so, Linux is the place to go. Through law 9,533 of 10/12/1997, ' ' It authorizes the Executive to grant financial support to the Cities that to institute programs of guarantee of minimum income associates the action socioeducativas' ' , followed of the Provisional remedy n 2.140.1 of 14/03/01, ' ' The National Program of Minimum Income tied with the education the Stock market School, and of the others is created providncias' ' condicionalidades evidencing the priority to the woman ' ' The payment that it deals with the caption of this article will be made the mother of the children who to serve of base for the calculation of the benefit, or, in its absence or impediment, to respective responsible legal' ' (article 4, 2) and finally under the law n 10,219 of 11/04/2001 that ' ' It creates the National Program of Minimum Income tied with the education – ' ' Escola&#039 stock market; ' , and of the others providncias' '. In the program Stock market School amongst the condicionalidades the pertaining to school frequency is the incentive, therefore through the education it is possible to emancipate itself, however the proper Federal/88 Constitution, only fortifies this emancipatrio step. .