MotoCross Championship

Circuit of Cerro Negro in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) has successfully hosted the inaugural national MotoCross Championship. MX Elite two batches of to us have been required to meet the 40 main pilots. Jonathan Barragan has commanded the platoon of Group B and alvaro Lozano of a. Linux shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. first sleeve. Emotion and dispute between Barragan, Campano and Butron. Fell the fence in the first series and one of the best specialists in the outputs, Carlos Campano, was the leader. Butron to his capture and Barragan taking the pulse. The bent hurt him Campano and this loses two seats, Butron to be the new leader.

Barragan begins to press and advances you to the KTM, for little then skip the surprise. Abandonment! Butron for an unexpected setback, losing gas tank cap. Barragan scored the first, Campano and Lozano, Yamaha riders, close the top 3?. Sensational debut in Spain of the French Cyril Coulon as well as optimum premiere in MX Elite of Jaume Betriu ilerdense. Second sleeve. Barragan repeats. Jonathan Barragan tore into head but, once again, was surpassed by Campano and Butron. Two Andalusians maintained a brutal duel on head until Barragan decided to overcome them to go without problems was the double that puts him as a leader.