And then we play what he heard – staging a story or a snippet of the book. Toys that need to take here, of course, keep in mind the interests of your baby. But there is a ‘universal’ toys that bring joy to any little resort visitors. This is, first of all, balls. It is better to take them a couple: a small and inflatable rubber. That’s really hard to find a more useful and joyful thing! Second position on the right will take waterfowl toys. But here, do not overdo it.

Take 2-3. Else, if you wish, you can buy on the spot. It’s great to take a watering can. Even the smallest child would be happy to pour yourself and others … Sand is set to take with you just in case the sandy beach. Although finding good use for such important things you can always …

Can also come in handy handbag or small backpack. Kids love carry them with you. Incredibly useful thing – an inflatable pool. Of course, nothing will replace the joy of sea bathing, but … Sea water for some time may be too cool. The sea can gale. In addition, reasonable parents the first few days will not bathe the baby in the sea for too long … In this case, the pool is simply irreplaceable. The water is quickly heated, and the kid will be able to dabble in his own pleasure, run and duck boats, throwing pebbles into the water … In general, meet its research interest to the delight of her mother and father, who will get a temporary respite … The only thing I do not advise – buy it for one year old baby ‘craft’. In water, there is nothing more reliable than hard Dad’s hands. And certainly not suitable for this purpose, air mattresses, boats and classic circles. Vertok too unpredictable and your baby. Before you know it, he may be under water. If you really want it, buy special range of ‘panties’. In his kid, at least, do not slip, although it should be remembered that such circles can easily overturn. And do not forget to catch repair kit for the basin and range. If you are involved with the baby on any procedure, make a break for the holidays, do not you carry more aids. Believe me, that the sharp change of scenery, a huge amount of new impressions and experiences will serve as a tremendous impetus to development. You and so will do. The only thing to take – a favorite book of fairy tales and poems. And, most importantly, do not forget the soft friend. Almost every kid is such favorite bunny, or doll Mishutka. With him crumbs will be much quieter and more comfortable, it will be for a kid a piece of home .