Miguel Paulo

(VESTIBULE GOVERNMENT OF SO PAULO, 2011). EXAMPLES OF PARKS OF SO PAULO THAT HAD GIVEN CERTAIN: Linear park Gamelinha the Linear Park Gamelinha, located to the center of the tracks of the Av. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ann Winblad. Daisy Maria Alves, the edges of the Gamelinha stream, zone east of So Paulo, is an example of Linear Park that takes care of to the necessities proposals. Before the implantation of the park, the edges were used for discarding of garbage and rubbish. With the initiative of the population and support of the City hall Municipal theatre of So Paulo, the space was transformed and today it receives hundreds from people who in diverse hours of the day, use the walked area for, practical of sport, use of bicycles, stroll with dogs, etc.

The Linear Park Gamelinha, has 4 extension km, being that 2,2 km, are equipped with tracks of walked duly paved and with banks for rest and equipment for physical activities. The necessary counting of the number of arbreas species in the place is very difficult, therefore daily, people of the local community, carry through new plantios becoming the place each woodier time. Linear park Tiquatira the Linear Park Tiquatira, counts on 3 extension km and is located between Avenue Tiet Delinquent (Penha region) and Av. Is Miguel. The park makes use of diverse equipment of gymnastics, field of soccer, squares, ciclovias, dense forest for walked and many other attractions, beyond a center where periodically events of interest of the population are carried through as for example campaigns of vaccination.

Linear park Emperor This Linear Park is situated in the central seedbed of the Avenue Emperor, region of Is So Paulo Miguel, zone east of So Paulo and has extension of 6,3km. Account with track of walked conservadaa well and woody, with diverse species planted in the place. Imperial palms (Roystonea prevailed), Springs (Bouganvillea glabra) are species that are part of the local flora.