Metodolgica ability: related to the form as the professors they make its education, as it works the contents with the pupils. Delors (1996) comments that the joy to teach must pass for the heart of the professor to become more significant for the pupils. Luckesi (2005) observes that practical the educative one must be an ideologically compromised action and efficient. Expereriencial participativa ability? Almeida (2010) citing Dewey (1993) emphasizes the true education if of the one through the experience. It believes that the learning is active and generates changes in the people and its environments. The man is a highly social one, thus is the social necessities that guide its conception of life and education. Personal ability – It is to have a realistic image of itself exactly, in the quality of its proper certainties, to assume responsibilities, to take decisions and to manage possible imperfections.

Knowing its necessities, its limits, its ponteciais and, through the reflection, trying to improve the form as they act. The self-knowledge according to Echeverria (2005) of to the person the possibility of security in all the aspects of its lives and of the professor to function efficiently with its group, you if feels insurance. For Almeida (2010) the pedagogical abilities are relationary, however, to facilitate the understanding, in this study they are divided in indicating dimensions and to more clearly become the study and objective: Picture 2: The dimensions of pedagogical ability and its pointers in the perspective of Almeida (2010) .DimensesIndicadoresCompetnciCientifica? To apply the form content that relates with the daily questions so that the pupil understands the way that the fence.? To offer resources so that the pupil has satisfaction in understanding, trying and to explore.? To excite the irrepressible desire for the knowledge, being despertando a critical spirit and the capacity to judge with clarity.? To present ways so that the pupil considers the basic research as something for its academic and professional development.? To practise the research with the students with intention to promote the aprendizagem.CompetnciMetodolgica? To integrate the content with all the others you discipline.? To elaborate the course plan.? To establish relation between the content and the profession.? To extend the knowledge and to remain themselves brought up to date.? Elaboration the process education learning in innovative and participativa way.? To make use of techniques to stimulate the pupils to become apt to learn.? To use different ways to transmit education (it speaks, written verbal, not verbal, multimedia) (it speaks, verbal writing, not verbal, multimedia) to paratornar the methodology of more attractive education for the education process and learning.? To apply the form contents to interdisciplinar by means of a mutual and integrated action you discipline of them in order to corroborate with the formation of the pupils.? To usefully use innovative methods of evaluation that promote the learning of the pupils.? To promote resources so that the evaluation if it becomes party plaintiff in the learning process, and not only an instrument of revision of the process.? To develop one to think coherent about relation to its practical pedaggica.CompetnciParticipativa? Disposal to promote the learning social, developing a way to understand the world, the society, culture and education.? To provide favorable situations of exchange of experience in congresses, seminaries, symposiums, meetings.? To become involved themselves and to commit themselves to thematic groups of research on current of the society.? To understand emotional, affective, cognitivas and biological the necessities of the pupil.