Maxwell Idea

But he will go to reveal, that even so it is a in such a way complex subject one, is thanks to idea of the infinite that all our scientific base today if builds, therefore the incessant search for the truth is something, that of certain form can be said that it tends to the infinite, or as some authors they like to correlate does not have absolute truth, but the search of it is what impels to the man to continue walked its. Moreover, also one will reveal that the proper idea of parallel universes, proposal for Hugh Everett III, in 1954, also, because not, stimulates the idea of the life to be in narrow relation with the infinite. In the physical statistics, in a synthetic and coarse way, it becomes related physical idea of probabilist values for some laws and theories. This is perceived, for example, in the idea of the demon of Maxwell. When imagining themselves this and verifying themselves that good part of the theories can have a probabilist idea for each in case that, because not to extend this to the infinite, exists innumerable ways to carry through a way, the molecules possesss innumerable ways to vibrate, to transladarem and to rotacionarem, is enough for that if it inverts the action plans of, that if they modify the cartesian axles for differentiated positions and thus new plans of action are established. These plans in turn, can have number each bigger time, depending on the form that if approaches the action universe. In this direction, it can be said that this relation all is come close to the infinite.

When considering itself it idea of parallel universes, could be said that it has infinities of worlds. ' ' . if big bang could happen a time, because it cannot happen many times, or until an infinite number of times? ' ' (Morris, Richard, 1998).