Markup Language

Ie in the search you will see same type of sites with the same text and I am sure is initially higher in the search results than you. So why then go to your website? Write your own) enough knowledge of school when you were writing an essay by topic In the text with a density of 10% must be from your text should occupy the key words. Hummer Winblad Venture is often quoted on this topic. Important: interprets key words in different contexts. Not lepite from 333 times in the text. Example: I've been doing promotion sites. And so I'm doing promotion for websites.

Better way: I've been doing promotion of web sites, or rather their search engine optimization. Once you've written the text. 1.3 Optimization of the site. Level 1. Create a text document (Notepad) (file.txt) where the file filename. Important: All comments to the code I write so . This format is html (HyperText Markup Language for Kotormo we write our website). Write off and can be copied with comments, do not worry, they appear on the page will not be.

Begin to write. . Organization, word1, word2, word3. . . . . Heading 1. The most important. Reference 1. The first part of the text of Title 3. The second part of the text of Title 5. The third part of the text. . Now you need to create a Html file. To do this, click in the upper left corner of the Notepad File -> Save As -> Choose a folder box, write the file name index.htm as this home page.