For fans of "hand-made" interesting gifts from Malaysia will be the local textiles. Talented artists hand paint the whole kilometers tissue from which then creates the most beautiful cloth, sarongs, shirts, hats and pictures. The whole process of creating these things occurs only by hand, so they acquire a unique and valuable. Presenting a few yards of this great fabric, you will not only present to an unusual, but also give an opportunity to create from it something of their own, unlike and unique. Followed by clothing and textiles, of course, many aspire to get into electronics stores. After all, with the Malaysian pipelines coming to the markets of many household appliances.

This sector seems bent on designed for men. Even if you're not going to buy something, be sure to go on a tour of these shops to see the latest developments, and then proudly tell their friends about what they saw. Well, Of course, as anyone you will want to wander through the local bazaar. For lovers of unusual and interesting this place could be called "paradise on earth." Devotees of exotic cuisine will discover Huge selection of various spices and seasonings: curry, ginger, cardamom – took with them! 🙂 Also, markets a huge range of various national delicacies, strange fruit, and live sea snakes. Look in Malaysian restaurant and write a cook, several local recipes. Imagine how you'll amaze your guests with unusual dishes flavored with exotic spices. Your status of "housewife" or "owner" takes off up high! For lovers of practical gifts and souvenirs will suit all kinds of wood products. Malaysia is full of artisans, which in minutes will do for you from a simple bar of useful little piece of wood for cuisine.

Also, you can purchase beautiful furniture made from rattan. Most likely, you're not lucky with a cabinet or sofa, but a convenient hanger or a small coffee table, will be a great addition to your home decor. If You in your purse stashed a decent amount of money that must necessarily spend a great place where it can be done will be jewelry stores. Gold products have a high test. Jewellery made in the original and sophisticated style. You can be sure that such things you do not buy anywhere else. These ornaments will be a perfect gift. If you want to take with them a piece of local fauna, we can recommend you to buy a stuffed dead animals or insects. When you visit the local markets must look at the small antique shops, where you may come across unexpected things. For example, you can find rare artifacts, keeping their history since colonial times. On many shelves you'll see all sorts of gifts: figurines of local spirits, various amulets, talismans, smoking pipes. Pay special attention to copper and tin products: holders for napkins, decorative trays, cups, vases, cutlery. Colorful and ornate curves look souvenir knives, here they got the name Chris. But, such purchases should always require a check and landing at aircraft to warn of such a souvenir! When you get home, you will hear from your family and friends thank you for these really rare and unusual things. After all, Malaysia – This is uncharted country with unusual people, respectively, and gifts were brought from there, have the same mysterious, incomprehensible nature.