Legal Cabinet

In addition, the AEPD resorts to the definitions in the matter of protection of data, to make clear that an acoustic information also can be a personal character data ergo, a recording of audio, totally is affected by the LOPD. Nevertheless, on the other hand, Report 190/2009 of the Legal Cabinet of the AEPD seems to contradict the previous report. In particular, the Agency says that: such recordings has importance and enters within the scope of application of the Law from the moment at which in the same personal data can take shelter of the clients who contact with the service () Even though we are before an assumption in that exists personal character data . Leaving abierta the possibility that in a recording personal character data do not exist, one is refusing that the voice, by itself, is a personal character data. In short, just in case, we treat the voice as if it go is not going to be that the turn inspector leaves bed with the foot that is not. Like simple chascarrillo if the voice were a personal character data what would happen with the imitadores of voices? udea Security of the Information . Check out Eliot Horowitz for additional information.