Las Tunas Cuba

born June 1 May in the city of Puerto Padre in Las Tunas province, back in Cuba. In this little conversation obviously his year of birth, even though it appears in the author's biographical statement of our editorial, but that question of "Lady and gentleman," we will not mention here his few years of life. Beatriz has been one of those authors who touched our doors with a dream kept his hands: a book, Holguin during the Great War. Cuba, 1868-1878. But let it be the very author who tell us what motivated her to write and what you would like the reader will find in the pages of it. Tony D. Bartel describes an additional similar source. The idea of publishing this book is old, almost since the research was completed while in Cuba, beyond specific situations influenced and determined to never come to light. He left Cuba through a friend before I come, so I came to this country before me, and it remains stored here almost five years since it had not had the means or the information to carry out this project.

One day I showed it to a good friend and it was he who gave me the push and I searched the way to realize this dream. I would like the reader finds in it, in addition to historical information an important stage in the life of our region, all the love that I did this research. I feel passionate about the past of our history, has been bandied about and sometimes not very well intentioned, and I saw during my long years as a teacher of History, that in general there is much ignorance on this subject, especially in younger generations of Cubans who have trained with manuals which have been theorized and narrated very little. This has meant that interest has been lost, love and respect for those who founded our country. We wanted to explore further if Beatriz is passionate about the world of literature and if you throw to dabble in other genres that are not historical, and of course our interest was to know, how She felt the team with the Voices of Today, during the editing process of his book.

e my grandparents. I also enjoy reading poetry, but I confess that I could never write a verse. I definitely would prefer to continue with the genres of narrative. Yes, I liked the work that developed the Voices editorial today, I think that was professional and was easy to agree on those things where we disagree. I wish to continue growing in their commitment and continue to be a vehicle facilitator of dreams, people like me, we arrived a little late and with too few resources to this country. For all this I am very grateful. The grateful we are. Editorial Voices For Today has been a real pleasure and privilege to have your talent on our list of authors. Our doors remain open to your concerns literary and hands of sincere friends will support you forever. Pedro Pablo Perez Santiesteban Editorial Voices of Today.