Laranja Environment

Environment, Ambient Education, Ecology are subjects that if they establish connection. However, before to dediscutir this possible relation we are led to another investigation. A time that Ambient Educao entered in the guideline of the moment matters to inquire if has space paraisso? Depending on the optics emque let us locate in them or to who let us inquire is the reply possibility. But, immediately, we are led to say that it does not have space for the Ambient Education, nor for ecology or environment. Initially, vejamoso that we can understand for environment? Without entering in great we elucubraespodemos to say that all space is an environment. Therefore, any place in we queestejamos is environment. This expression cannot be used only for designarespaos where some signals of degradation are occurring. Of same formaque the concern with the ecology is not summarized to denounce great danosambientais, the concern with the environment starts with the place where estamosinseridos.

Our house, our yard, our street that, evidently, he is linked with outrosambientes, exerting and suffering influences. Being thus, our thought ounossa ambient concern does not have to be turned, in first place, to the polar bears, but to the bottle pet shot in one I sing of our yard or the mercadoenroscada bag of in a seedbed of our street. Another constatao is ofato of that the concern with ecology and environment is recent thing. To the longodos centuries people or groups had always existed that had excused to some atenoao environment: to study it, to admire it, to speak of suaimportncia. However the studies and the transformation of this in pertaining to school subject, recente. Let us notice that in the war of the Vietnam the North Americans developed aespelas which not only killed the soldiers, but that they devastavam the environment, using, for example the herbicida ‘ ‘ Laranja agent; ‘ ‘ ‘ Napalm’ ‘.