Knowledge Management

In simple terms, the knowledge management refers to the process of acquiring, organize, store, share and use the knowledge of organizations. Knowledge management is a branch of management which aims to achieve the optimum performance of a business through the synergy of people, processes and technology in the creation and exchange of relevant knowledge. To succeed in any business, including business enterprises, adequate knowledge is necessary. The knowledge management has become necessary, since it has gone from a society where information was limited to a society where there is an excess of information. The problem today is not in general about the acquisition of information, but of deciding what information to use.

Organizations should be careful in the data acquisition and processing to achieve a constant changing business landscape. It is equally important for companies to discard obsolete information and acquiring the latest information to survive and continue to remain competitive. Since information technology has been programmed, the logic can not select and return to interpret the data, only can help you organize, store and transfer data. Enhanced information technology plays an important role in the processing of data, but has a limited scope in terms of development of points of view of the available data. In other words, the information technology cannot convert data and information into knowledge. Do not simply have a great technology for better management of knowledge. Management executives often determine what information is useful and vital for an organization and turn it into knowledge.

This knowledge, which also includes the external data is shared with the various sections of the Organization to create better management of knowledge. Share created knowledge is the basic requirement of the knowledge management. Knowing what you know, we benefit and improve; thats a good working definition of knowledge management. The entire process of identification of relevant transformation in knowledge, and to make that knowledge accessible to people through the Organization of data and information is what knowledge management tries to do in every moment. So the knowledge management can be a success for an organization, it is essential that people will capture and disseminate knowledge in Assembly work.