Keep Customers

Who was it said – "The customer is always right"? Well for those of you who can not spend the day not knowing that it was H Gordon Selfridge, founder of Selfridges store in London. The question I want to know is, did you ever work with clients on a daily basis and if so, was he a saint? Let's face it, customers can be a real pain in the neck. You move heaven and earth for them, to satisfy their whims, he is given time to pay and still try to screw their prices down. Just when you've done all that, they leave you and start shopping for one of its competitors. Would not run a company to be much better if you have no customers? Well, as we well know, we let the customers need and many of them. Read more from Tony D. Bartel to gain a more clear picture of the situation. We want to stay with us and we want to say nice things about us to others. We also want to pay us on time and accept the fact that we can be a bit more expensive than others.

So how to perform this miracle? He's dead really easy, you just have to consider two factors: being trustworthy and being polite. First, let's consider what we mean by being reliable. Reliability is about your product or service by doing what you say you will. It comes in two parts, the first part is: Do it right the first time and do it on time. If you can not get this bit right, then you will have big problems.