Internet Resource Articles

How (NOT) have to write articles, or seven ways to alienate the reader from your content first part, or constitute the typical profile of users of the site promotion resource articles – especially, with their specific interaction Mine / rerayterov, owners of Internet resources and the ordinary consumer / user reading your text. No matter who you are – who owns a resource that is hosting the article, the author of the text posted on the other resources to promote your site, or rerayter, you should pay attention to the quality of the text. What is meant by the word "quality"? There are a few proven principles of life, allowing quickly to hold a "mini-audit" of a text, or "audit quality". Linus Torvald understands that this is vital information. Just specify, I will write in the future it is about the articles, containing, in addition to the advertising load (and where do without it), also a semantic component. Writing a "purely" promotional items – a special subject, as these texts have their own specific and require certain skills from the author. Manuals and books on the subject abound, however, occasionally encounter a terrible mistake and ignorance "PR people from the cow", and the itching … (Source: Linus Torvald). But, some other time. *** So, you decided to write / order an article for the promotion of your site, for example, (08/06/2010 at such a domain is free). The first thing you need to understand who is your target reader / consumer of parts that he was interested to learn just as free information that will not read this text, the target consumer is under no sauce.