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Currently, sports betting is becoming more and more popular. Bookmakers (BC) acted as intermediaries, allowing wanting to play and put a priority on team or player. Sports Betting Is a bet between the player and the cd. On each bet with the bookmaker has a coefficient, ie, number which multiplied by the bet amount in the event of winning. Assume that the coefficient on the winning team is 2 and if you bet 2000 rub., In the case win you get 4000 rubles.

But if the bet loses, then the player receives nothing. If two teams are unequal in force, the bookmaker equalizes the chances of teams, reducing the coefficient of bets on a stronger team and raising it to opposing team. Thus, provided the balance of the money supply. Despite the risk of losing money is raised, amateur sporting events do not indulge in such pleasures. After all, it is possible to win! And to pursue this opportunity there are several options. First, you can explore the composition of teams, to calculate the strengths and weaknesses of their game plan, find out the weather forecast for the game, the state of the game board, the mood Judges and many other factors to make a bet and wait for the result, always quantified once again its forecast for the game Secondly, there is a theoretical way, which will turn the game in the bookmaker in the work completely eliminating the risk of losing. This type of earnings, there is one drawback – you have to be registered in the largest possible number of betting shops and at each office on the account must be a certain amount of personal money (which there must first put).