The family is born of the society and the society is agglomeration of all the families. It is composed basically for the triad, mother, father and children, and if presented in two distinct ways: as a family public (superficial and happy, to the times until envied by many) and as one particular family (real and problematic). Initially, nothing father or mother demands themselves in formation substance to be, but in to elapse of the development of the boys, the pedagogical unconsciousness of mothers will be able to find parallel in the reproductive unconsciousness of man. Then, the task for the parents is hard, that is to generate to create the children. is hard the task for the children, that is to support and to load the imperfections, disillusions and ressentimentos of the parents.

For the theory of the transference of which Freud cites in its studies, we can to understand that it is very common the parents to repeat with its children what the parents of them they had made with them in the past. Something easy and very logical to understand, but difficult of being improved of generation for generation. Why? Because he stops to understand the familiar problem is necessary to perceive that the person not adoece separately, but in group. He does not have psychotic individual, has psychotic ill family. She would have to be the goal of the parents to establish a sincere relationship with its children.

But, many times, the incapacity to see them as an authentic person it makes it difficult the agreement. Then, it is tried to make for they projects or molds that they do not correspond its real expectations. In more serious cases, the parents they want that the son is its image and similarity and if they will not be are missed they need to be corrected, if possible for the life all.