Inhabited Space

The presence of the unexpected one is, thus, another marcante aspect of the border band, for what it contributes the multiplicity of actors and nets techniques and politics that in it happen. 5. METHODOLOGY Objectifying to understand the relations between the citizen and the object of the research from the context where if they point out, we opt to the dialtico method for believing that it will assist in them to interpret and to analyze the collected data, giving new meanings to the existing quarrels and estimating one dynamic relation between searched researcher and. We intend to work in historical a materialistic perspective for taking in consideration the contradiction that if establishes between the diverse citizens social. In this direction, the first step of this inquiry will be ‘ ‘ Bibliogrfica’ research; ‘ in order to previously deepen the main contributions and existing theoretical productions through books and workmanships same types of the elect categories, monograph, article, site, books, etc.

Another adopted procedure will be ‘ ‘ Research of Campo’ ‘ with objective to approach to the research object, studying and knowing it, from the reality, allowing to articulate concept and to create new questions or filling gaps left for the existing productions. A oura technique that will be if using is the comment in field, exactly knowing in the alterations in environment and behavior of the people who can prove or the researcher if to base on the personal interpretation and to still distort the phenomenon or partial representation of the reality due its great envolvement with the research. Exactly demanding a systematic permanence in lcus of research requiring time, to reach this goal will be made a planning of in agreement comment the period established for collection of the data. The Interview will also be adopted while instruments to catch information you say through them of the social actors who are part of the searched context, is not a procedure without objectives, being structuralized they or not, disclose important social and cultural elements of the daily one that they can be information the individual or particular or still collective level, allowing an open and rich dialogue in social interactions. 6. REFERENCES BOURDIEU, Pierre. Writings of Education. CATANI, Afrnio; WALNUT, Alice Maria (Orgs) Petrpolis: Voices, 1998.

CARMO, Ronilson Souza. Geography Politics in the Border Franc-Brazilian: an analysis from Clevelndia of the North. Monograph (Graduation in Geography) UNIFAP Macap: March 2010.