Before proceeding further, cleaned up with existing information. Information by itself does not matter as long as we do not start using it. But if you do not put things in her order, then we are unlikely to use it. Order – this is when every thing has its place. Look at your bookshelf or look in the computer. Can I find the book or at least understand the principle of location of books on the shelf. Our computer is often transformed into piggy bank myriad of information with which it is unclear what to do. Therefore, we order the existing information blockages.

Objective: To throw away all unnecessary and order what you need. It is desirable not only to restore order in existing information, but no further gain unnecessary. We adhere to the principle of a system. Based on the systems principle, to solve the problem much easier. Using the sequence of the 4 steps: 1.

Sorting or systematization. 2. Shoe. 3. The choice of storage. 4. Control and maintain order. It is important to accomplish each step, and especially important to observe the sequence of steps. Do not start throwing everything at once (step cleaning) until sistematiziruete media concerning the selected lines. Let's start with the first step – sorting or ordering. Divide all information available to you today the information into categories. Criteria should be comfortable and understandable to you personally. Information can also be classified by type of media: books, files, disks. Different categories that you enter may reflect the scope of your interests.