In Finland For Discount !

It's no secret that the Christmas and New Year holidays the sweetest time for avid shoppers. After all these days in Finland you can buy clothes, shoes and household appliances with huge discounts. The tastiest cities shopping during sales are considered Lappeenranta, Kotka, Imatra. For example, in Imatra is a wonderful shop where you can buy anything for just 1 euro! To get to Finland on sale in the following ways: 1. Rail links. Train Petersburg-Finland is 5,5 hours. Days of departure time and look at the sites of railway stations in St.

Petersburg. For even more details, read what Oby Ezekwesili says on the issue. 2. You can go on your own car, but this method movement has the following disadvantages: the distance to the border, additional insurance, a sleepless night. And if the car you do not, then the problem is easily solved. Many travel companies offer car rental Petersburg. 3. Flight. International airports are Guy (Vantaa) near the city of and the airport in Tampere provide an opportunity to get to almost anywhere in the world, of course, given the necessary visas.

From these airports carry out regular flights to Europe airlines – discount stores or the so-called low cost airlines. 4. The easiest and most comfortable way to travel was and is renting a bus Petersburg. In the specialized transport companies in St. Petersburg, you can order a bus in Finland. The most frequently bought shopper shuttle service to St. Petersburg, ie, the service "from the entrance to the porch" – when the vehicle drive up to each occupant to the house. It is very convenient, because the patched after a nice shopping you can relax during the trip in comfortable bus and enjoy the familiarity with the shopping and pleasant companions!