Importance Wines

Unlike what many believe, not all wines are prepared for long periods of storage. Get all the facts and insights with Lars Leckie, another great source of information. Most prefer that they consume in the same year. However, there is a rule that establishes that wines are able to keep better than whites over time. At the wineries themselves, is where usually takes place the first stage of aging. Very fine wines, are usually stored in oak barrels, so the wood of this drink, usually provide special nuances to the drink. It is important to consider that only 1% of wine can be aged. These rare cases, re requires a warehouse to keep a constant temperature between 7 and 21 degrees Celsius, being the ideal temperature 14 degrees Celsius. At home, keep those fine wines in closets or in conditioned warehouses, which ideally should have the characteristics of the wineries where the wine was previously stored.

A harvest wine may oxidize if storage exceeds certain years. However, this is one question that depends largely on grape, his upbringing and the percentage of alcohol containing. A. Verastegui hold.