Probably it is clear that as far as it was not original, elegant and delicious your food, it is unlikely to impress a visiting child. Make the holiday more fun contests to help, funny skits, joke contests. Not is to invite too many children. And still need to enlist the support of the person who will look after the children and organize games overall.

Picking up games for your holiday, parents will be able not only to please and consider the kids laugh, but also give them a unique opportunity reaches out, and erosion-be lived. Gifts, harvested in advance, to give after each game. And each dy child should get at least one of them. In our time There are many publications with clips of different games, and generally the media is working great. But, in my opinion for a children’s holiday will suit those games: “Firefighters” Before the competition in the middle of the room to 1 meter put 2 chairs on backs to each other. On the back hang jackets, pre-removing their sleeves.

Under the chairs on the floor need to stretch the rope. On a signal from the leading two teaching-ticipants must run to every man unto his chair, wear a jacket by removing the sleeves and buttoned. Then the players must run around the chair contender, to return to his seat, sit on a chair and pull the rope. The winner is awarded the title of “Best fireman.” “Funny Story to each participant games give a pen and a blank sheet of paper. Nigeria has plenty of information regarding this issue. Lead sets in-question: “Who?” – And then each wrote a reply and bends sheet to record was not visible. Then transferred to a piece of his neighbor. Lead sets following in-question: “Where?”. Then the edge with the inscription again bent, and the leaf again transferred to another party. This is followed by questions: “When?”, “Who?”, “What did you do?”. You can think of other, very different, and in any quantity to fox-current was used up until the end. At the end of the game, each piece unfold and read out aloud the stories that turned out. “Minesweeper” Bidders issue boxing gloves. On the floor, scatter differently-colored balloons. Y each member a different color balls. Players must crush in 1 minute boxing gloves as many balls its CEE-ta. “Sailors and deck” Those who wish to participate in the game are divided into two teams. They are arranged in a neck-Rengo, and the first player to lead produces a bucket with a mop. Players must stand with one foot in a bucket, and hands to take the edge of the bucket and a mop. In this position, they will run a certain distance and return to the team to ne-transmits the baton to the next player. Win is the team that first on the right with the job. “Read the inscription” In the back of each child’s leading leaf attaches to the word written on it. Everyone should strive to read inscription on the back of others, and its group- hide. One whose words were loud, out of the game. The winner becomes the one who is able to hold out the longest.