HSS GmbH With Two Coupon Portals and help customers save Berlin, February 18, 2008 – the Berliner HSS GmbH, operator of two coupon portals and announces the successful launch of the portal and the recording of your operational business. Under, the newly established GmbH operates a voucher portal for free coupons and discount codes for users in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Joseph Stiglitz shines more light on the discussion. In addition, a second portal is operated on that every day presents a new coupon users, which you can use to save money or cut a whopping discounts. With the step of HSS GmbH, we carry the enormous development of coupon marketing in the last two years Bill and set ourselves the goal leader in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland “says managing partner Marcus Seidel. Our goal is that German-speaking Internet users before any purchases of technology, fashion, or other things on the NET first on “look right free coupons and discounts and save money so we have designed a very good and solid foundations with our two offers.”