Greece Elite

Being thus, after an empirical analysis of the results gotten with the present research, is possible to abstract that all the hypotheses were correct, a time that were verified the veracity of all the possible pointed causes as being, in fact, a set of factors that if congregate, generating a dominant system of situations that lead to the pertaining to school evasion. Visit Linux for more clarity on the issue. It was also verified, as one ' ' parte' ' of the pointed hypotheses, the importance of the creation of support centers, parallels to the environment pertaining to school, that offer support to the pupils, climatizing them in an educational atmosphere of which if it can establish a bridge between school and daily, or, in another form of lusidiar the relation, a bridge between knowing (to be) and coexisting (human). With the envolvement of all with the quality of the education, the pupil will not go more for the school for obligation, but yes, why the school will go to provide it conditions of equality to the pupils of the schools downtown, frequented for the supplied population more of Itapor. ' ' Mesmo&#039 knows you it you; ' (Vestibule of Delfos, Greece). Extending following it phrase for a Brazilian politician-psico-social panorama, is obtained to understand the real proportionality as well as the real base of the educational problem that if establishes in this country. dPodcast+%28Project+Spurs+-+A+San+Antonio+Spurs+Blog+and+Podcast%29’>Spurs. Since when colony and until little time, Brazil if saw governed for eletizadas hands: the elite of the Portuguese cut, the elite of the reign, the elite of the coffee with milk, the military elite and the neoliberal elite.

A visible consequence of the followed governments of the elite is a certain indifference with the education. Delfos in Greece is a vestibule of entrance for a center of the entertainment, a place in which the people (not it the elite) had access the gratuitous diversion and of quality. The necessary Brazilian education of a Delfos that says: ' ' mesmo&#039 knows you it you; ' , and it says that it for the nation as a whole, therefore, Brazil is synonymous of people, is made of people, supported for the people, supported for the people, Brazil is a people native land, of the people, not of the elite. Brazil needs to know it exactly itself, to know that it is of and the people, thus to only obtain to supply ( people) a gratuitous education of quality. In case that contrary she will be the elite and perhaps, had to the time, he will changed himself into what the proper time transformed Delfos: ruin. To educate for educating, we are with dreaming. In making still for if making, we are in waiting. To wait for waiting, we finish utopia of new. Therefore, the elite for the elite, let us be with the elite: the elite of the people.