The law is amended in part shall be published in a single text that incorporates the amendments passed. ARTICLE 159. The bill which has been denied in the first debate be held by the respective chamber at the request of the author, a member of it, the Government or the spokesman for the proponents in the case of popular initiative. ARTICLE 160. Between the first and the second debate shall be at intervals of less than eight (8) days, and between the approval of a project in one chamber and the opening of debate in the other, it will take at least fifteen (15) days.

No bill will be voted in session than the one that's been announced. The notice that a draft will be submitted to the presidency will give vote of each house or committee meeting other than that in which the vote will take place. Always shall be recorded in the number of votes cast for or against any project. The roll-call vote. The same procedure will continue with those new songs intended to be a vote. During the second debate, the cameras may introduce the draft amendments, additions and deletions as it considers necessary on issues or topics already included in the draft adopted on first reading. These modifications, additions and deletions for approval will require the affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the respective chamber. If the proposal fails to secure such a majority, the author or speaker may ask the board, sending the proposal to the standing committee in which has had the first debate for discussion within five (5) days.